Feeling Normal


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Ok this is a bit of a weird post but since losing 4 stone and getting to 15 and a half (ish) stone I am starting to feel more like normal overweight than bloody gigantic.
I am enjoying this feeling.
I think this diet is marvellous.
I have been watching you are what you eat lately and all of the people on it have weighed more than me when they started which never used to be the case. Still think I would prefer a CD shake to the stuff she makes them eat lol.
we're at the same level of loss!! Congratulations! And yes.. i can understand your feeling more normal. Because I do too!!

I can get into a 16 or 18 easily now, and it's such a difference from shopping at evans for a 22/24. :p

Well done!! look forward to walking the rest of the journey with you! ;)
I'm 5'3" so my initial goal is 10stone - as this gets me in the healthy BMI. As I can't imagine myself at 10 stone I'm just heading for that then may review it once i'm there. I don't know how 'slim' will suit me, or how droopy everything will be! lol

Well done though! you really are doing well. ((hugs))
it is definately how we 'feel' that is the important part i think. ;)
See you along the way! lol