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Feeling Old!!

My son is 17 today and has his first driving lesson booked for Saturday - this has made me feel soooooo old! I'm 42 but feel 142!!

It only seems like yesterday he was learning to walk and now learning to drive - don't know where the time has gone!!

All you ladies with little ones please cherish them and make the most of them being young - childhood goes far too quickly!! xx
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My Dort moved out a few months ago and my 'baby' is almost 15 and towers over me!!

No-one told me there's no warning with boys...one minute I had a little boy the next minute a hulking gurt lug of a man came down the stairs!

At least with girls it's a gradual thing!
My son has just turned 21 & looking to move out when he gets a job; DD is working & saving up to move out, whilst me I'm now seeing the signs of ageing, aching bones, menopause.................. but my mind is still 18:rolleyes: just can't figure it out sometimes:sigh:
Yes - I do sometimes wonder who I'm looking at when I look in the mirror these days - whatever happened to the 21 year old?
I used to home help for an 84 year old lady who still thought she was 18 and had a shock every morning when she saw an old lady in the mirror!

Me...well I've always been 30, even at 15! So that's when my life began, I grew into myself!
I know exactly what you mean because when I look in the mirror my mum looks back at me but she was such a wonderful person I don't really mind.

What scares me is that my son is now older and more sensible than me lol !!!!

I can honestly say that I do not mind being older. Life brings lots of compensations along the way. The secret is to accept the passage of time. I do not want to harp on about having a terminal illness but it is true it does give you a new perspective on being older. I am so grateful to have made it this far.

My life has been brilliant. I have done loads, had interesting careers, travelled to far flung places in the early 60's when people rarely went abroad. Lived in the sun , bred my lovely horses and dogs, been at the top financially and crashed to the bottom but always positive and happy.
Had a barsteward of a first husband( violent) but had my son with him so that was the positive there and now I have my wonderful Paul. If I was to drop of this mortal coil now my dying regret would be leaving him.
I totally agree, I don't mind being older when I look back I see all the nice places I've visited & the happy times I've had. And when I look forward I see exactly the same. I sometimes just wish my body didn't act its age:rolleyes:

DD was saying just the other day about holidays & how she wants to go to Canada but can't afford to at the mo (saving up to leave home:bliss:) but she has many years ahead of her and can go when she is older.
Hey! it's not just you lovely ladies!

Us blokes feel it too. Especially after weightloss:(

I feel like I need a good ironing! think I preferred a fatter face lol.

I promise never to grow up though - that's plain silly;)

Losing weight has made me feel younger, but looking in the mirror at the hairdressers yesterday my neck is getting saggier - downside of weight loss.

Two sons left home last week to start their careers - hurray!

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