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Feeling really concious


Going for Goal!
G: 13st0lb
I have been getting more and more confident with my weight losses, but there is 1 thing that is really starting to get me down, my roll. :mad::mad::mad:

No matter how much exercise/sticking to cd, my roll (below the bust) seems to not want to budge. I spoke to my hb about it, and he suggested it may be more obvious because I've lost from the bottom area. :rolleyes:

Put it this way, my bottoms I'm in a size 16, and tops a size 20 (some 18's) :mad:

What can I do to help shift it? :confused:

Do I just need to bear it while I stick at cd? :sigh:

Hugs x x x
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Chin up.
Hon, you have lost 50 lbs which is amazing...... The scary thing when you diet is not being able to tell someone where you want the weight to come off from your body! But I can assure you it will equal itself out I am sure it will.. I was a different size top and bottom and now I am more or less a 10 all round!!
Grin and bear it for now as a month or so down the line I am sure it will all disappear!!
Keep smiling your doing so well ! x


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Hey hun,
We all have 'problem areas' but I'm sure as you lose more weight it'll shrink and hopefully you'll be more happy. I'm waiting until I move up to the higher plans to start going to the gym and I'm going to get a personal trainer to show me some exercises to target my problem areas. You can try some light toning exercises like Callanetics to help with the area you're not happy with xx


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I have this problem too!!
I've only lost just over a stone but I have noticed that my bottom half is smaller than the top.
I'm wearing a size 18 and in the legs and bum they are hanging off me but if I try a size 16 they are too tight on my tummy!!
Oh well just have to put up with it I guess....we will soon be slim all round!!
Well done so far x x


WILL be Slim!
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this could have been writen by me hun so i desperately feel for you!

I have lost over 4 and a half stone, and i'm now into size 12 jeans, but unless i buy trousers/jeans that resemble Simon cowells high wasted wardrobe....i just have the largest muffin top in the world!!!
It looks like i am trying to squeeze into clothes that are too small...but i'm genuinely not! :(
Its horrible and has stayed with me throughout the size drops, just got a little smaller each time, i'm hoping it will go nearer goal when there just isnt the fat left on me.....but i think it will only go with a surgery if i'm honest!
Some people have bigger bums, some bigger boobs....well i have a small ass, a small rack and a big fat horrible roll!
It sucks....!
I'm also hoping that when i get to goal and start hitting the gym, that it will eventually go!
Sorry i cant offer you any comfort hun, but the one thing i would say is dont let the evil roll effect your journey....its a part of you and MUST go eventually....logically it must!


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