Feeling really down, society can be so dam mean :(

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Joeyroo, 2 May 2007 Social URL.

  1. Joeyroo

    Joeyroo Full Member

    I have had such a horrible horrible day, some people in society can just be dam mean rude and complete twats!!!!

    I have wrote all about it in my blog so i can look back at today and be possitive............hopefully

    but for now today is crap :cry:

    Please take a look if you have a minute as i'm feeling really down and thought you guys might be able to lift my spirits a bit :break_diet:

    **Joeys Journey**
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  3. Petal01

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    Awww Joey hope you feel better soon havn't read your blog yet but im just off to have a look, keep your chin up, i know easier said than done.

    Take Care.
  4. Misdee

    Misdee Silver Member

    oh just read. he was a drunken tw*t, remember youare better than him, and i na few weeks you will be lighter fitter and fab!

    hope you get to the pool soon and dont let this one mean person put you off.

  5. Meneither

    Meneither The Me Is Back.........

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    We can lose weight he will be a A hole forever.

  6. Gen

    Gen Normal

    hey there...

    Just read ur blog... nothing anyone can do to take his words back but please chick try to put it behind ya.... he is just an ignorant fool

    keep up the swimming, go have fun with ur friend and don't let ignorant people keep you down....

    lots of love and support hun

    Gen xxx
  7. Petal01

    Petal01 Still Climbing That Hill!

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    Awww just read your blog please don't don't let that daft drunken Ass ruin your day or life cause i know from experience this will probably be one incident you wont ever forget for the rest of your life every day you'll be thinking does everyone think like that but you know what they don't not all people are that arrogant and i bet if he wasn't drunk he would have been totally different towards you, it's not that drunk people alway's tell the truth they just have an arrogance about them that makes them think they are more powerfull than they normaly would be & brining other people down somehow makes them feel better than anyone not just overweight people but anyone... richer,poorer,taller.smaller the list goes on. Sorry i can't be more help.

    Take Care.
  8. natayou

    natayou a bit different everyday

    have posted a reply on your blog!
    nat xx
  9. kazbro

    kazbro jelly belly

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    what and arse [​IMG]
    hey you are so much better than him
    yeh o.k you know you have a weight problem, thast why we are all here but you are doing something about it
    he is just a very rude t**t [​IMG]
    people like that make me sick

    you are doing well and i have to admit that although comments like that upset me they also make me more determined to lose the weight and show these ignorant arseholes that we are way better than there inferior little lives

    pick yourself up, brush yourself down and remember just why we are all here to lose the weight and show em all

    [​IMG] kaz xxxx
  10. suzifto

    suzifto New Member

    Hi just read your blog its disgraceful :cry: I fill terrible as I live in Leigh on Sea how a father can be drunk with a child is beyond belief, he’s rude and disrespectful and must have an very unhappy life if he has to be drunk in the afternoon.

    Good for you to go swimming and I hope you will do so again…. just forgive the poor man and hope he gets a better life. Your really doing well I’m into second week and feel I should be doing some exercise. Good luck :)
  11. stacey

    stacey i love minimins me :)

    aww hun jus wanted to say *hugs*

    pple say the nastiest things, generally cos they aint happy about themselves

    chin up, go swimming and stick to cd :D

    lots of love n hugs xxx
  12. TTey68

    TTey68 Full Member

    Hi Joey, girl after my own heart using the word TWAT. SOmetimes its the only word which will do! Just to echo what others have previously posted really. That said many many years ago 4 lads in a car shouted something out the window to me as they drove past and it affected my confidence badly to teh extent I wouldnt cross the road on a pelican crossing even. Know its easy in hindsight, but I would have called 999 and reported him. Not for the comment, but for being under the influence in charge of a child. Some people dont deserve to have children.

    On a lighter note - love the Florida pics! We go every 2 years -- love the place. Did you find Torrid in Florida Mall? Amazing shop! What a way to spend a birthday.

    Florida is my goal for loosing the weight this time. Dont have any pics of me there, always me behind the camera xx
  13. nadhak


    lighter life maintaining and occasional re-starting
    Hi Joey
    I am so sorry that you had this destructive abuse - if only people like that realised that they have sent you backwards psychologically & have damaged your faith in human mankind!
    In perspective he was drunk in charge of a small child- therefore an addict like us, but actually more so because his addiction is affecting his daughter and his social behaviour.
    You can move on from this, and you have to keep moving forward to get your head in the right place!
    Go swimming, no apologies just because your body is bigger than some others, you have every right to be there!
    Be happy Joey - don't let this small mindness get you down.
  14. bondgirl

    bondgirl Member

    Hi Joey:D

    I just wanted to say please don't let this lout put you off.....if anyone should be ashamed of themselves it is the drunk who was in charge of a child in that state.

    I went swimming today for the first time in 15 years, I was so nervous but everyone was so nice and there were bigger folk than me there.....everyone was so friendly and chatty...I'll deffo be going again.

    Once you get the first time over with it really is easy...I so can't wait to go again;)
  15. luciec1

    luciec1 Full Member

    Hi Joey, I just looked at ur blog & at ur photos & you are stunning!!! dont let some drunken excuse for a man make u think otherwise!!
    Lucie xxx
  16. Fuzzys Angel

    Fuzzys Angel The Lovely James Hetfield

    What a complete ar*ehole......Please don't let it get to you. Wouldn't it be nice to see him again, then you can pull over & say "Remember the time you wouldn't tell me where the swimming pool was, coz i had too much excess weight? Well look at me now....You're still an ar*ehole" Then drive off :giggle:

    Hope you're feeling brighter today hun......xxxx
  17. Kate

    Kate CDC/PT/PITA

    That's horrible, what a tosser. In your post you've asked if people say that about you when you're fully clothed, then what will they say about you in your cossie? Well my beloved other half also saw your post and he said, "they wouldn't say anything, if they were drunk in the swimming pool they would drown" :D and I thought I should share that as it might make you smile. I hope so.

    The rotten thing is the timing. You'd really geared yourself up for the swimming and he chose that one moment to be a drunken w***er. In front of his daughter too - I hope you realise that this guy isn't exactly credible or a typical member of society.

    Most people at the swimming pool, regardless of their shape or size, are going to be as self conscious as you are, so they're really not going to be bothered about you. I know that's possibly not as reassuring as it should be, given what this guy has said to you, but it's true.

    A virtual *hug* to you. Kx
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  19. voodoo

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    He is not only a nasty drunk but an irresponsible parent! You are a pretty, sensitive & caring person, working towards self improvement hhmmmm..... who would most (all?) people prefer to know & hang out with??!!!xxxxxbig hugsxxxx
  20. Joeyroo

    Joeyroo Full Member

    Hi Guys

    Just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all your kind words, you have lifted my spirits and made me feel much better.

    I think when i wrote this post last night i was very tearful and emotional and totally offended, i have since slept on it and had time to reflect and now realise his just a drunken looser.

    Like kate said, i think it was all down to total rubbish timming i had spent all day hyping myself up to go swimming telling myself i looked ok in the cossie and people will be nice and then he comes along and totally kills all my confidence.........but if i let him then his won........and i wont bloody let him.

    He should thank his lucky stars he had his daughter with him, and i didnt have my partner with me, he was fuming at him when i came back through the front door sobbing last night.

    I'm not a big cryer i usually just let things annoy me then get over it but he really really hurt my feelings......again.....TWAT!

    This place is great your all so supportive........i have my weigh in tonight so hopefully that will be good and help keep me motivated.

    Have spoken to my friend dawn and we have set aside swimming for next wednesday (round 2) so hopefully this time will go alot better

    hehe that did make me laugh kate! :D

    Thats what i was hoping for bondgirl, a nice inviting experience that would make me want to come back again ana again. well done to you for getting back in the pool! :D

    Ttey66 Florida is great, me and my partner absolutely love it there we are big rollercoaster and disney fans........Yes i found the shop and spent nearly $200 in there..........and now the clothes are too big DOH! :rolleyes:

    Dont feel terrible, leigh on sea is a lovely place thats why we chose to go there, just shame about just one local.......but being positive i suppose every village needs their idiot!!!

    Thanks again people i am feeling much better now :)
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