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Feeling really down..


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Day Three for me and I feel good that I've stuck to it.
But I'm suffering from really really bad head aches!!! :(
Seems like I'm living off paracetamol. Taking them every four hours. It doesn't help that my job is staring at a computer screen all day long!!
Do headaches go once in Ketosis??/
PLease please please say yes!!!!

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I'm sat in front of a computer all day too,it doesn't help.

I try to keep water next to me and have it regularly.it seems to help.

From past experience i would say things do get better.:) so stay strong.You can get through this.

Blue Butterfly

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I had a massive headache from day 1 - day 4.
I'm now on day 5 and the headache is gone completely.
Hope yours goes away soon too x


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Sorry your suffering I had some really tough moments too but Im now on Day 9 and feel fine. I know you've probably drunk loads of water but try and drink some more because I found that a bit more really did help. Why not see if you can treat yourself too, something positive that you enjoy to congratulate yourself, I like to have a bath with a book when the little un has gone to bed. It will get better, stay strong xx
hi, stick at it! the results will be more than worth a few bad days....definately!! Good luck with the rest of your week and heres to shaking off the headaches!


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It will 100% go away soon, just keep reminding yourself why your doing this and keep on going


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Thank you everyone!
It means a lot. I was just having a feeling sorry for myself moment.
It did go for a while, it came back..but I then just went to sleep!!
Day 4 and going strong!!


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Headaches defo do go way once you reach ketosis in my experience.

I found i used to get lot of headahes prior to Exante and eating but once i was on it i very rarely do now so it must have been to do with the toxins or all the 'bad' things in the food/drink i used to consume that caused it.


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You have to remember aswell that we get a lot of endorphines from food so it isn't a surprise our mood OS effected on this diet too. Yes, as said. Headache will pass, drink lots lots x


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I've taken everyone's advise and upped my water in take. It seems to be helping!! Went to my best friends birthday get together last night. So proud of myself!! Sat there and drank coke zero, loads of take away pizza everywhere (my fave!!) and I didn't eat it. My god I wanted to! But I kept strong!! If I can manage that, I'm sure I can manage anything xxxxx


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Well done on getting through a tough social event. Its hard to resist in the early days but quite empowering too. Heres to a headache free, slimmer weekend.....


Nice one Nicci :) I'm currently on Day 6 and babysitting, trying really really hard to resist the snacks that were left out for me, but your willpower has totally spurred me on! Thank you


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It's alright lovie! That's what everyones here for! I know without all you lovely girls and boys I wouldn't have been about to lose 30lbs before Xmas and jump straight back on it now :) xxx