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Feeling really unwell at 30 wks

big bear

A bear on a mission!
I've been feeling really weak & sicky just not my normal self.

I got my iron checked & that was fine. I've been feeling really really hot even in the cooler weather. This is my 2nd pregnancy & I never felt like this last time. The only other thing is I feel as if I have an infection down below, could this make me feel awful??

I've not been at all hungry but been eating small/often 4 the baby's sake. I've actually lost weight.

I had a urine test last wk so that should be back.

I'm seeing the midwife on tues so hope to get answers.
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Sounds like you have a urinary tract infection to me, have you got a thermometer to check your temp? whilst you are waiting for your results I would advise you drink plenty of clear fluids, as much as you can stomach and if you can get hold of some Cranberry juice that would be even better. If you start getting any pain in your lower back or any abdo pains or start to feel even more unwell contact your MW immediately. Whilst uti's are fairly common and easily treated in pregnancy they can cause problems so please take care of yourself and remember your MW would rather you contact her and she give you the all clear rather than you suffer in silence and things get worse, take care Jo

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Thanks hun, my temp is ok. I generally feel unwell really weak. I suppose a uti could cause it. I mentioned how i felt to mw on mon she took a wee sample. I'll defo go see them if it gets worse over the next few days

Thanks x
Yep definitely (unfortunately) signs of a UTI :( I've had one (pre-pregnancy), and it spread up to my kidney. I felt awful. So weak. Didn't help that every time I laid down to go to sleep I thought I was going to wet the bed. I have a photo of me and DH at an office christmas party and I am as white as a ghost (didn't realise how ill I was at that point!)

The cranberry juice really does help. M&S does a nice one that's not too sweet. Annoyingly most are from concentrate, but a bit of sparkling water helps weaken it and gets some extra fluids into you. Stick to bland, not too rich foods, avoid acidic foods too. If you've got any baby wipes, use one of these to clean yourself after every trip to the loo, and possibly change your undies twice a day just to ensure you keep clean.

Take it easy and hopefully it'll clear up soon for you.

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Thanks ladies, its so difficult as I've got a 19mth old very active boy & h is working nites so needs to sleep on the daytime.

I've been drinking loads of water & some cranberry juice. I've really bad heartburn today & can't keep my food down. I'm seeing the consultant 2moro so will prob get antibiotics. I'm sure it is a uti as its smelly down there (sorry prob tmi) even though keeping it clean etc. My wee is cloudy too. I knew I felt unwell on mon & mw did a wee test. My last 2 wee tests have had traces of protein but came back clear.

Hope all of you are doing well.
Pregnancy seems so much harder the second time around when you have a little one, you can't put your feet up and have naps like you did first time around eh :( Hope you get some answers tomorrow and just try to get those feet up when your little one goes to bed, take care, Jo
I know how you feel big bear!

I have been feeling quite rotten this last week, nearly fainted the other morning! MW came out to check me and got checked over by the hospital as they were concerned I may be developing preeclampsia, but thank fully the symptoms have fading away, still got puffy hands and ankles tho, it's just the constant caring for my daughter and tossing and turning all night because of spd!

I'm so looking forward for this baby to be delivered!

Hope your feeling better big bear x

big bear

A bear on a mission!
thanks, am confused as had consultant appt at hosp said all was fine & urine was fine. I went to mw appt today & she says have protein & blood in urine. She sent it off to test but they normally come back clear

I really feel as if I've a uti but they're saying different. She said if still not well go to gp.

I'll c how I feel in a few days but I've completely lost my appeptite but trying 2 eat just feel crap.
Sorry you didn't get any answers, how annoying, were they at all concerned? If you still feel unwell tomorrow I would make an appointment with your GP perhaps they will be a bit more thorough:confused:
Could you maybe have a mild flu coming on? Most of your symptoms sound a bit like that and the uncomfortable feeling down below could just be a coincidence.

Definitely go see your GP if you're feeling this rotten. Hope you get some answers soon.
Hope you are feeling better;)

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