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Feeling rubbish


Size 14 here i come!
Grrr having to write this for 2nd time as computer played up isn't helping my mood:mad:

I am struggling for the first time today, i'm on 3rd day of 2nd week and feeling really, blah!:confused:

I have nearly had my 2ltrs but finding last bit really hard, never had trouble drinking my water before. I have that horrible really empty feeling in my stomach. Next shake due at 7pm ish but don't feel hungry.
I won't give in as my will power is full to the top at the min i just don't feel very:D

Maybe it's mid week blues?? An early night might be a good idea to get today gone asap.:(
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I will be skinny again!!!
Sorry to hear your struggling!!

Mid week blues sound like what it is! Just remember tomorrow is Friday!!!! Gotta love that Friday feeling eh?

Why not have a nice candle lit bath and read a nice book??


I will be skinny again!!!
Your post really cheered me up so I wish I could do the same for you stinky!



Silver Member
Sorry you're not feeling good tonight. Don't worry about it though - you are allowed to have low points - they make the high points stand out more! And think about the lost 9 lbs (and all the other extra lbs that are currently packing their bags). I found that I was pretty moody for the first 3 weeks or so, but once the month is out I'm sure you'll be on a more even keel.

Keep smiling ;-)

Hang in there! I'm very irritable myself these days but I keep thinking of all the nice little outfits I'll be able to wear in the summer time. It helps me a bit.

I'm only completing my first week but I assume that the road to being slim is a rocky one. It seems you've hit a hard patch.

Don't give up though. How about putting some music on and singing out loud like a raving lunatic or dancing? It might lift your mood up.

Hope it will go away quickly.
Hey Stinkybreath. You're such a motivating and positive person. You always cheer me up. You'll get through this. I had a pretty bad day myself but feel better after coming onto the forums. I hope you feel better soon. Try to get through the shake and the water hon. You know you need it. Then have an early night. Hope tomorrow's much better for you. hugs


Size 14 here i come!
Thanks for the suggestions everyone, i am going to have a bath and try to have last shake but i feel sick too now!:needhug:

Oh i am feeling sorry for myself aren't i??:sigh2:


Size 14 here i come!
Ok had a hot bath while drinking shake and feel sooo much better. My stomach feels normal again, that's what was getting me down, i can't stand feeling ill.
The bath was a great idea as i realised my thighs didn't stick to the sides anymore(felt good) but my stomach could still do a very good mick jagger impression!!:sign0007:(made me want to carry on)

Anyway to all those people who posted to make me feel better, here....:grouphugg:

I really do appreciate anyone taking the time to cheer me up thanks you guys!!

Still tired though so gonna call it a night, i will be back and fighting fit tomorrow!:)
well done for over coming the struggle and I'm glad you're feeling better.

Caren. x
Oh I know how you feel. I am really struggling at the moment too. just feel really moody and fed up all the time. Also, I cant stop watching cookery programmes. I dont know how many episodes of come dine with me I watched today. I'm my own worst enemy! I'm going to have a nice hot bath too. I am thinking of refeeding next week. I only planned to do a few weeks anyway and now most of the Christmas buldge has gone I am happy. I just hope I can loose another few pound this week now. Hoping to lose the last few pounds then through healthy eating and exercise. Its hard work this time of year!

Sorry didnt mean to go on about me! Meant to try and cheer you up! I'm sure you will feel better in the morning xx
haha i just watched so many episodes of come dine with me aswell. i love that show! but it was pure torture. i'm a vegetarian, but even the meat looked good to me...hahaha.
Did you see the one earlier when this bloke served sushi on a man's chest? He got his friend to lie on the table in just a pair of little shorts and expected the diners to eat sushi off his chest! It was so funny. Made me glad I was on the shakes! Imagine that. What was he thinking!!!


Life is not a Rehersal!
Just reading your post now silver! Sorry to hear you have had a bit of a crappy day..that sick feeling isnt nice..I try and have a sweet coffee...something I never drink, only on LT, but it somehow just seems to take the edge of that horrible hunger.

You are always so positive and cheer everyone up, so now it is everyone's turn to do it to you :)

It is totally inevitable that we will get days like that and they are magnified too because of not eating...normally, we have off days and we just seem to take it in our stride but it seems somehow worse on LT because we cant go and kinda comfort ourselves with some nice food...

Hang in there and maybe dont watch so many foody program at the minute or whilst you feel so hungry! You will be tormenting yourself :)!!

Have a good sleep, tomorrow is another day!
hey just saw this thread now. glad you go through it, you know giving ins not worth it no matter how much youwant too...im crossing off the days on my calendar!...dont worry you will have low points like i did yesterday..we just have to work through them with the support of each other. x


Size 14 here i come!
Hi bells, i wasn't hungry or wanting to give in hun i just felt rubbish. I had an empty, hollow, sick feeling in my stomach. But the bath and shake sorted it out. I will stick to this diet no matter how hungry i get but feeling ill i won't put myself through for very long.
Anyway finding today much better even though i have just been into town and had to put up with all the lovely smells coming from the bakers and sandwich shops!!
ohh theres nothing like the bakery smells... we can have the one day i guess..glad your on top of things now and feeling better... and managed those temptations!! woohoo go you! cant believe your in your second week already how time flies :) x

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