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Feeling so sick - dreaded induction flu


Clean green leafy machine
Hi Libby

Just eat what you can - and plain is good. I stuck to chicken and salad when I felt rough, and even tho I didn't feel like breakfast, would have a little nibble of bacon so I could take my hundredweight of vitamins :)

It will pass, hun! Drink lots of water too.

Thanks Susie.
I had a MIM with small bit of cheese and ham after being up for a couple of hours and feel a bit better.
I'm praying I'll feel better in a couple of days....energywise.
Good luck to u.
Stick with it Libby, more people fail at this point than you can believe, but when you come out the other end you'll feel great. :)


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Ive got this to come hon and I know its awful...but I also know I Love the buzz you get when you get through the other side :D its so worth it. Ive been having carbs for the last couple of weeks and they really really do not suit me at all. tired, miserable, bloated....

good lukc and stick with it.


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I didn't suffer with it at all, but I know alot on here have, and it passes quickly. Like Kim said it will be worth it, stick with it


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It's so true what the others say Libby. When you come out of this (& it won't be long honest) you will feel wonderful. My appetite goes AWOL every few days on this, but my energy stays up. Just go with the flow, it is so worth it :D
hope your feeling a bit better today
Thanks all.
Feeling a bit better today. Woke up hungry unlike yesterday.
Still have a bit of a headache and terrible taste in my mouth (ketosis - yipeeee). But I've managed to clean two bathrooms and bedroom from top to bottom so that says something about my energy. When eating carbs I would sit down with packet of biscuits and watch Phil and Holly and let bathrooms wait!!
Not only will I be thin - my house will be spotless!
Have a good day all.


Clean green leafy machine
And when you're done at home Libby, if you have any unspent energy left, come on over and you can do mine :D

Hi Susie
Not so hot on the energy front today. I just MADE myself do 30 mins on treadmill (am back from hols one week today so decided it was time). I nearly had to tie myself to the silly machine.
No headache really - only minor heavyness.
Onwards and downwards!


Clean green leafy machine
You'll get there hun, and well done on the treadmill - exercise is my achilles heel (oh, and housework :eek:) so you are doing great!

You will feel better, promise - but it's like life - some days I feel really heavy and a bit lethargic, other days I'm charging around like a mad thing :bliss:

yes those lbs will be dropping off.

seeing as im in ketosis (sticks) i dont feel sick or headachey at all??? not like last time lol! maybe ill speak too soon and tomorrow ill feel like poop

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