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Feeling sooo un-confident


Going for Goal!
:sigh: For the past week I have been so down about my current body shape :sigh:

YES! I have lost over 2 stone, which I am really pleased about BUT I am seeing my body change shape. ATM my bottom is smaller than the top, due to my HUGE tyre under my bust, which just wont budge. :(

I keep catching myself in mirrors and all I see is this overhang and bulge.

I just can't help feeling down about it. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

No top or pull in device hides it. I know I have to keep at CD and it will go eventually, but jeez until then I guess I'm just going to have to sulk and be miserable about it.

I even had measurements done last night with cdc and my waist is the same as my first weigh in - surely this is a bit odd? Yeah I have lost inches elsewhere, but why not my waist and under my bust? :confused: I'm completely puzzled by it.

Sorry for the negative post, I just don't feel so great at the moment as I'm so paranoid and concious about it. :sigh:

Any advice would be much appreciated :)

Hugs x x x
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Firstly hunnie, well done on the 32lbs!!

It is said so often, but it does take time for your mind to catch up with your weight loss. So many people say they still feel the same size they were before they started, even months into maintenance. I also think CD makes us more aware of ourselves, I know before I would avoid mirrors, hide under huge outfits and generally put my weight to the back of my mind, now its all I think about. Do you have some before pictures you can take a look at? I bet you'd see a huge difference between then and now.

As for the inch loss, I've been the exact opposite. I have lost 6.5 inches from my waist, but no more than an odd 1/4 inch from anywhere else. Our bodies all work differently, the weight comes off people differently, just be confident in knowing that one day, before too long, the belly and bust will be ALOT smaller than now.


its the PCOS belly sweetie!

I apparently have "only"lost 3 inches off my waist in the past 10 weeks but it looks so much smaller.

I will tell you a couple of things though!
1. Its never as bad as we see it in ourselves
2. It will go
3. Take piccies, and look at them not the tape measure in this case. I don't know what it is but it shows up in pics much better than on the tape. Honestly.

I do feel your pain, but it does go! I promise. Its a pain in the ass, but its the PCOS curse, we just have to wait a wee bit longer, but look on the boards at all the other people with PCOS, who have stuck in at it, and they look amazing. I;m sure they won't mind a bit of name dropping but

CurlyWurly looks brilliant, go and look at her sig pics, and thats a distinct lack of belly right there
Mines is starting to come in a bit too, not amazing, but better. I have some horrendous pics of me in underwear to remind me that at one point it was pretty bad.

I promise you it does get better :hug99:
I'm no expert but I guess we all have bits of us that we woud like to change most (comedy boobs for me - I think they will probably go from balloons to spaniels' ears just to spite me)
I get the feeling that the only person who would ever describe your 'tyre' as HUGE (in capitals) is you yourself. It probably wouldn't even register with other people. Keep on with the losses, you're doing fab!


Going for Goal!
Thanks all for your kind comments.

I guess i'm having one of those 'down days'. Just want this weight off now!!!! lol
Agree with all the comments made above adn we all lose it differently and it is dependent on our shape whether we are an apple or pear.

Me and my best mate are doing this together and Im an apple and shes a pear - have a look in our albums (she is Julie Williams) and you can see the difference in our shapes - her waist is emerging and then some and will be tiny whereas I habve the HUGE pare tyre adn is slowly going down -

you will get there honey and your brain will catch up - Ive lost nearly 60lbs and still feel I have a BELLY on me!!!!
I know how you feel Emma!

I sort of liken it to spot cleaning a window or floor, you clean one bit only to notice more bits are dirty (though not as dirty as the original spot but that's clean now so there's no more comparison)

I feel like when I lose weight from a part of my body it only seems to make other bits larger (even though they ARE actually smaller than before)
It's like a whole wall of fat has been removed only to show more smaller fat rolls/bulges :confused:

Does that make sense to anyone?


Cambridge Consultant
Hey Emma,
Just wanted to send you big hugs and say WELL DONE .. you have done so fantastically well.. Our bodies work in weird ways... and sometimes we lose weight but it doesnt come off where we want it too. But it all catches up with itself.. I am sure it does....... Chin up and what I found myself doing when I started to like what I saw was jumping out of bed in the morning and looking at my body and noticing the changes each day and you really will start liking what you see soon hon..

CHIN up your doing so so well..



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Makes perfect sense to me Hannah. I'm an apple and my stomach has always seemed a lot bigger in comparison to my hips/bum/thighs, but now I've lost a lot of inches from my waist I've noticed how big my behind really is!!


Cambridge Consultant
CurlyWurly looks brilliant, go and look at her sig pics, and thats a distinct lack of belly right there

Lexie, thanks for your comment hon, but my tummy does have a lot of fat around it, it definatley needs a lot of work toning up etc.. I am noticing my boobs are getting lose skin on them and I have gone down 3 sizes already damn it....


Going for Goal!
It is odd how you loose it differently.

It's like my size 20 trousers fit me perfectly around the waist, but they are loose at the top of my leg and bottom.

I must admit, my bra is getting a little big now, i need to get fitted really, but i'm not sure whether i should just yet if i'm going to just shrink out of it in a month or so.

Thanks again to everyone for your kind advice.

I seem to have good days and bad days on cd sometimes. I guess if I am honest with loosing 2 stone I have been walking around with my head held high, and I looked in a shop window on the way home and was in complete shock of my bulge, which does seem bigger, but it may look that way with loosing from my thighs and bottom/hips areas. Really knocked my confidence though. So i'll be back to hoodies and cardigans for a bit longer methinks...

Hugs x x x


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Chin up emma you will loose it from the tummy I'm sure your body knows how you feel and hangs on to it till last for me it's my tree trunk legs always has been I can't get boots to fit even from Evans even though my pants are a size 14 always have to have wide legs to house my huge calfs non of us are happy completly.
Hiya Emma, Have a hug!!!

I posted recently about my body shape.. whereas as 37lb ago I was huge, everythign was tight... now my skin is wrinkly and saggy big time... BUT this will sort itself out in time... its something we just have to go through... try some gentle toning exercises, smother yourself in creams and ask your hubby to give you some lovely massages.... you will get there..

Today I had a wonderful moment, but other days I will feel terrible when looking at myself!

I have the same problem as you Emma, I have this huge bulge above my waist and it happily hangs over my jeans, and since my actual stomach has got slightly toned (and I mean slightly) I feel like my other bits hang over my jeans even more, not sure how that happens, but my bottom half is a size 10 and my top half a size 12, I only have another stone to lose and cannot see this huge bulge ever going down. Apparently this bulge is because we have high visceral fat (the fat that sits around your internal organs) and the only way to shift this is strenuous cardio several times a week which we cannot do on CD.... so will definately work on this area once I get to goal. My hubby doesn't notice it, I am sure we notice it more than anyone else though.


A pound at a time
Aww hun I know how you feel except my fat is on my back. I have rolls back there that never wanna move. I truely believe that once we are at our goals we can look better if we try some toning excercises like the others have mentioned. I just wanna send you out a big ((hug))

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