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Feeling terrible


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I've just picked the kids up from school, which isnt that far away. I feel really done in. Too tired to do anything and quite faint. Also i got quite breathless on the way back.

I don't want to give this up....but I feel like absolute cr*p. I can't live like this.

I felt good last week for a few days. Is it meant to make you feel this bad?

It got to the point im not taking in anything the children are saying, and I know im gonna have to go and lie down :(:(:(
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Dont give up hun! you probably need a GOOD sleep and a lie in!


I will be skinny again!!!
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Aww :( im really sad to hear your down!!

Try to think of all the over good days you have had and think how this one will pass!! I think that ups and downs are going to be a big part of this diet, just try to take the good with the bad xx
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Dont give in I must say that it took me 3 weeks to stop feeling like that,everybody is different and some people just take longer to get that 'high' feeling.Have a nice hot bubble bath and an early night it always helps me.


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Bung your iPod on, run yourself a lovely bath and take a good book into the bathroom with you. Have a good soak and chill out followed by an early night....tomorrow is another day:sigh:


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I have good days and bad too mostly wen im workin as I start at six but have to be there by 5 30 but by dinner Im ususally ok just try to rest as much as pos and hope it goes away as you have done so well


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I'm sorry you're feeling bad. Make sure you're getting enough water and try to take it easy. I do have a few dizzy moments now and again but nothing really bad since the first week, so I'm not much help. Hope you feel much better tomorrow xxx
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Have a night in front of the TV... Put on a classic feel good film, and an have an early night- Always works for me :)


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S: 17st0lb G: 10st7lb
Thanks everyone, I haven't given in yet but I did have a cry on my partners shoulders. He explained that anyone can live a month on just water, so im not coming to any harm. But I just feel so ugh if you know what I mean.

I have though just had a coffee with a splash of milk in it, as i think I would be sick if I drank black coffee right now. I hope I haven't messed everything up.

Early night for me :-(
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hey there,

i find that saturday tends to be the day i feel like that. I find it happens like that if i am running around doing too much or if i haven't drank enough water.

take it easy hun - relax and keep up the water and it will pass, I promise :)


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Yuck, I have days like this and it's not easy when you have kids, but a nice hot bath, then bed will do the trick! Hope you feel better soon... x
Hi hun sorry to here you arnt feeling to good,ive had a couple of days like this its not nice at all but like everyone says drink more water and have a nice bath hope you feel well soon xxx


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The second weeks definitely the worst for me, felt really weird....
I know you've probably got past it by now and feeling better but if not, then get back on the lipotrain immediately! okay!

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