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Green Days Feeling "wrong"


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I've always made an effort to mix up my green and red days - but for me a green day is "green" - i.e. no meat at all. If i want a protein in there - i'll add quorn. this is just me - i could otherwise go overboard with the meat/potatoes if i did EE, or pretend that i didn't have that much meat if using He's on green.

Anyhow - in an effort to shake things up a little - and not having anything else - i'm taking a salad to work for lunch tomorrow and - a tin of tuna (130g drained, and it's 117g for a HeB, so the rest equals about 1 syn). But it feels so wrong having tuna on a green day - even though i'm used to having my 198g of new potatoes on a red day.

anyone else felt the same???
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I find the same - I much prefer my green to be pasta/rice/potato with HEA cheese or quorn/quark/eggs for protein. I just couldn't do meat or fish as a HEX on a green, nor potato/pasta as a HEX on a red.

I find EE a little 'odd' for the same reason. (Maybe I'm a little 'odd' though :eek:) !!;)

Do you know I have never thought of it like that - but yep I have never had meat as my HE on a green as meat is for red days!!

Like you I stick to quorn on green days - silly though as again I have my 198g of pots almost every day on red days!!
I completely agree Ian, it feels wrong to me too and I can't just can't do it! I tried it once in reverse, potato as a B on a red day but I think it's so drummed into me now to seperate the foods to different days it just feels too strange. Funny how our minds work isn't it.

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