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fell of the wagoon too

Oh LL, i hope your ok! I don't think i can give you any advice except stay strong and lets both climb back onto the wagon together!! :patback:
Glad you're still about and posting Lady ----- well if you've jumped rather than slipped all I can say is get your backside jumped up back onto that wagon. You know you can do this and do it so well - try and put whatever made you jump into focus to see if you can find a positive about it --- have you tried a thought record?

((((big hugs))))
Thanks girls, I intend to climb back on hopefully tomorrow. At the mo I am so full of cold, could even be flu that I not too bothered.

I will beat this and I will get to goal I am so determined, but not this week.:D

If you wanna have a get back on board buddy Im all for it cause it will be hard again getting back on.
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Hey Lady
The important thing is not that you cheated, but that you don't allow that feeling you are feeling now to get on top of you. I am sure I don't even need to tell you that.
I know we can all say these words and you will still feel, angry and disappointed with yourself. But make sure tomorrow you don't even think about it.
I feel silly even saying it to you I am sure you know all this.
Oh oh Lady! Lost your footing on them there stirrups didja? Never mind. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Maybe try to think of it as a horse, rathar then a wagon. And you of all should know what they say, "If you fall off a horse, you gotta get back on or it will get more difficult" !! So tomorrow is a new day. Lets get you and TD back up in the saddles, and get you rolling again.

I know you want it, and can do it. So rethink the days events, get it in perspective - a good night sleep, and you will be right back where you want to be!!

Remember - not much further now!! You are nearly half way there!! You can nail it!

Sorry to hear you're feeling so ill LL, really hope that you're feeling brighter soon - this can be a hard enough diet to do without doing it when you're feeling really ill.
Yep your right, anyway I gotta do it cause I bought two pairs of 16 yesterday. Just taken a lot of medication to ease the aches, hoping it will work shortly.
Yep your right, anyway I gotta do it cause I bought two pairs of 16 yesterday. Just taken a lot of medication to ease the aches, hoping it will work shortly.

You "choose" to do it. :)

I hope you are feeling better soon...stary warm and lots of fluids! hey, I hear water is good this time of year!! :D

Feel better babe.
Feeling ill on LL is absolutely rotten. I'm sending lots of positive thoughts and a reminder to keep looking at the bigger picture. You'll be abstaining again in no time.
OKy Dokey folks thanks for everything.

I am going to bed now as my head is throbbing and my throat is so sore, I'll be back as my husband has always said to me

"Your a big strong girl";) just not today though.

Knight Knight everyone, I could do with a nice Knight at the mo, then perhaps not.:D

Right... you haven't lapsed but lets face it, its not part of the plan that you are eating. If you are sick I can 100% sympathise.

Try your hardest to get back on track and the sickness will soon pass.. I don't know what you've eaten but no food will make a cold/flu go away, jump back on... you will feel 100 times better because most of all... YOU will be doing what YOU set out to do...

It's my 2nd day back on today... yes I'm struggling but hey, do I want to be slim for summer or what? ... You can get there too... try and jump back on... we are in the same week and we are doing this together :)

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