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Hi BB! (have copied this from the other thread you asked the question on) - I really enjoy it - no counting, no cooking but real and good food - it's great. Certainly worth a try!

I lost 8lbs the first week and 2 - 2.5lbs per week after that until the Christmas festivities got hold of me! I gained then but am back on it now!


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DC is good and easy in terms of cooking and planning. The food is excellent and very indulgent. Definitely not like diet food at all. I don't think it is entirely GI/GL - the granola and bars definitely are but some of the soups and mains are not. It really comes down to portion control on DC imho.

Go Lower - this is definitely GI/GL. Contains lots of nuts so if you are not overly fond of them then it's not a great plan for you. It's a bit more expensive than Diet Chef and more restricted. Berries and green/white veg only kind of diet. Moderate carbs, low sugar, moderate fat.

DC has the advantage of being a bit more filling I think to be honest ;) As well as cheaper hehe!

Good luck with whatever you decide :D


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Hey BB,
I think its great! Real food, real easy! And its going to teach me portion control! So after I have lost the weight it should be maintainable! I say go for it! We are all here for support!


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I'm still having a few teething troubles with it (namely I need a bit more to eat than what you're supposed to stick to with DC) but the pros being it is a pretty simple way of going about trying to lose weight, not too many decisions. Made my last visit to the supermarket much simpler as I tend to overbuy, all I really needed was fruit, veg and some milk and yoghurts lol and some pittas for with my soups 'cause I need some solidness with m'lunches :D