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'Fessing Up!

S: 9st4lb C: 7st10lb G: 7st10lb BMI: 19.8 Loss: 1st8lb(16.92%)
Morning fellow minimins slimmers!

I want to make a confession - I'm REALLY hoping that others jump into the box with me! :D

I eat more than I put in my diary.....and it's always lunch and evenings....I work in a conference centre and have free access to supplies and left over buffets so I am always picking when I have had my lunch - but it's there I cant ignore it! Any tips...

Also evenings are my downfall - loneliness / emotional eating maybe but I cram in as much as I can - FREE though until I feel completely stuffed :wave_cry: is this normal and if it's free is it self-sabotage?

I generally do my diary in the morning with my 'planned menu' but by bedtime it needs lots adding but I am too embarrassed to add them as I feel I already eat loads and I'm always being told I eat loads by friends/colleagues/family!


Thanks for reading REM X
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Sorry, can't join you! I put EVERYTHING in my diary - that's the whole point, surely? Would it not be good to put in all the little bits you've picked at so that you do feel ashamed and stop doing it?!:D

I just don't see the point of cheating as it's only yourself that gets hurt when the weight's not coming off as planned. I am too determined this time to get to target to sabotage myself.

As for eating at night, I guess as long as it's free then it's fine to eat as much as you like, although eating still stuffed is never a good idea (I'm guilty of that though, on occasion!!) I save my syns for the evening as I too get bored or just like to nibble when watching TV and fruit just doesn't do it for me!
S: 9st4lb C: 7st10lb G: 7st10lb BMI: 19.8 Loss: 1st8lb(16.92%)
Thanks Harrysmom I was kind of hoping someone would give me a good talking to!

Yes from now on I am going to put everything down - embarrassment aside, otherwise my weight is going to start creeping up I realise that...I would then have blamed it on xmas eating!

Proud to say I havent brought any chocolate and nuts yet this year - but my family will make up for what I dont have no doubt :(
S: 14st3.0lb C: 13st11.5lb G: 11st0.0lb BMI: 29.9 Loss: 0st5.5lb(2.76%)
Am not horrible usually!! I just thought you needed a kick up the bum! ;-) I have cheated myself too often in the past and know the disappointment it causes. We've all got the willpower in us if we REALLY want to do it. Good on you x


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How about writing your diary the day after - I keep a list of everything I've had through out the day and then post it the next morning - that way no cheating? That way come weigh in you can be honest about what went well and what didn't - I'm all for planning the good old p's (proper, planning, prevents. p**s, poor performance!) - but also being able to look back on where the pan went wrong may help towards being realistic about expectations - plus it's very easy to forget that handful of chocs, the sausage roll etc.

Either way you know in your heart if you've been good or bad x


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In the end the only person you are cheating is yourself. Have you ever tallied up those extra syns from the buffet picking? If you did it would probably scare the pants of you! And if you're doing it regularly it will definitely be affecting your losses.

As for the evening snacking, if you're genuinely hungry then eat but it sounds like this is not the case and you're eating for other reasons. Even free foods when eaten to excess can make you put on weight. If you feel hungry, ask youself how hungry you are on a scale of 1 to 10 and only eat if you can honestly say that you are about 8. For comfort eating you need to address the root tting food iproblem and putting food in your mouth isn't going to do this.
this is my 2nd time doing sw last time i did good but i thought about food in completely the wrong way. I too would sit and stuff my face full of chicken cake and all the other lovely free food... was i hungry? no , did i put on weight yes! this time around my approach is completely different im literally only eating when im hungry ...


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Our consultant told the tale of a member who didn't write the little things down, a scraping from the kids plate. the bit of cheese that fell off whilst she was grating her hEXA. an extra couple of mini weetabix etc .. . . the little bits came to 35 syns !!!! Just a friendly warning xx
Certainly true.:)

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