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'Fessing up...

... a bit of a blip:eek: since Friday.
I won't go into details, but suffice to say I'm definitely out of ketosis! I still have a stone to go (though I didn't do my weigh in yesterday - leaving it for an extra week in the hope that it evens out!) so today I am going to sort it out!!
I wasn't even hungry - completely emotional issues BUT this is what I need to address. It always seems to happen when I get close to goal, something seems to snap and I sabotage it.
Anyway, no excuses, I am NOT going to undo all the good work I've done, it's down to me and me only.
Wish me luck today :rolleyes:
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I will never give up
ahh lucy me too ive been picking for a few days then yesterday turned in to abit more than picking anyway i really need to get back on track so from today me and you will have a race to see who can get back into ketosis the fastest and be honking all the way and hopefully that will keep us on track at least we are starting the same day. come on we can do it.


Rebel without a calorie
I think it's something in our brains that goes haywire when we get close. I just start thinking 'ooh look at how well I've done, now I can relax' and then it starts to go back on. The human mind is a complex thing!
Aaw, thanks for the good wishes everyone :). I had been avoiding the forum in my shame, but I knew the only way to get back on track was with the support of the good people on here - priceless.
Lisa, I'm sure it is a mental thing. I'll try to be more aware of it now, find a better way to reward/console myself.
And Spyro - you're on!!!!! It really HAS to be all or nothing. It was just a "little pick" on Friday that started the whole sorry mess! And remember - little pickers wear big knickers ;)
great thanks, im on day one of lighterlife lite so im determined, im just wondering how ill cope with my dreaded day 3!! always a nightmare for me lol xx you are looking great how much further?
Ooh, thanks!
Hmm, day 3 - that'll be Friday for us then. It's a non-pupil day for both my kids so at least I'll be busy - though probably quite stressed too! Maybe I'll plan a day out for us so we won't be cooped up together all day.
I've reset my goal to 9st 13lb so that's another stone. Though realistically I think anything up to 10st 5 or 6lb would be ok for me, if I could get there and stay there!
You don't have far to go either - the finishing line is in sight :)
Well done for getting back to it - you've done brilliantly, good luck getting to goal!
Sorry you're having a bit of a battle Lucy and Spyro, but I must admit I'm picking too. Obviously I am miles away from target, but I was away at the weekend and ate a couple of meals then and since then I've not been 100%. It started with not-too-naughty stuff yesterday, but I've been a lot worse today, though hopefully it won't affect my weigh in too much next Tuesday.

It's a nightmare trying to stop nibbling once you get in the groove, though! :)


I will never give up
We should actually make a post for 'the race to ketosis' lol who else wants to join?
Looking that way Carrie! Yesterday wasn't too bad at all - I'm hungry today tho, but feeling strong enough to deal with it :)
Another early night for me perhaps? Then roll on the big K! :D
i was okay first thing but im starting to waiver.......... im trying to keep my head in the game.
i think ill be having another early nyt too lol xx
Hang in there Carrie - you know the waiver will pass, don't let your head tell you there's no point holding out - THERE IS!!!! Like they say, we're worth it! Fight them cravings off with a big stick x
i actually was craving something sweet so badly i dipped my finger in my ll water flavouring.... thats a good trick.
how you getting on 2day? xx
Good trick :)
Yep, so far so good. I split a bar between breakfast and lunch so I've got a soup for tea and a hot vanilla/coffee later tonight. I should be ok ;) I think I've drunk my body weight in mint tea, decaf and hot water flavouring today, I was SO cold at work! At least I've got my 3 litres in :\

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