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Few Qs for reassurance please :)


Sensibly losing :)
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Morning all,
Just wondered if anyone can just give an opinion or experience on a couple of niggles please - I have done LT in the past without any problems... back on the wagon now here, today is day 3.. I had gallbladder surgery about 8 weeks ago and about 5 weeks ago I had major bowel/tummy surgery. Before starting I felt absolutely fine, I am being sensible and due to medication etc I may top up with the odd food item as officially I shouldnt be dieting.. (i totally disagree, hence why I am taking it easy and being sensible and I only started when I could see that it was well healed etc)...

HOWEVER, sorry but some of this may be a bit tmi - yesterday I had bright orange pee!! Now I am drinking enough water to sink a ship... could this be part of the detox process? Dont recall anything like it before... Also, my LEGS!! omg, just been up the stairs for example to bring some washing down and on the way up my legs were absolutely burning where my muscles were working!.. even like it after I came down... they feel extremely fatigued and 'tight'.. it was a real effort. I understand extra tiredness may kick in but given I have just had surgery I just would like reassurance that its 'normal' and that its not something else simmmering in the background waiting to bite my ass!! Its nothing I am overly worried about yet and if I was I would see GP, i just thought that I would ask on here and see what the feedback was first.....
any ideas?
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bright orange pee is not something i have experienced on any VLCD .... did it smell concentrated or was it more like it was dyed orange ?? what shakes / soups are you having ?? possibly could be down to the colouring in something ??
as for the fatigue in your legs , I do experience similar in the first few days and as long as it doesnt last long I wouldnt worry too much


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Not sure about the pee...but for the first 9 days I had to have painkillers every night just so I could sleep because my legs hurt so much - they are fine now - I am now on day 16. I hope you will be okay xx


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With regards to your legs and muscles, you could add a little salt with your soups...as for the pee...I'd see your nurse practitioner /GP :)


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Apparently cramps are common and taking magnesium supplements help (worth a try) As for your urine I would contact GP. Some medicines eg those for TB turn the urine yellow - a good indicator as to whether the patient is taking the medicines when seen at the hospital.
Good luck. xx


Sensibly losing :)
S: 12st12lb C: 12st12lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks all :) I am much more reassured now I think - the pee IS settling.. I dont think its blood as such, its just very strong, hence why I thought may be part of the detox?? Anyway, still drinking like a fish... hoping it settles completely, no other symptoms to go with it so should be ok.
The leg thing!!! Still there, it feels like I have been to the gym and run a lot (although i cant possibly tell you HOW that would feel as its been years ;) LOL) and then tried to excercise my legs without warming up or stretching out - deffo feeling the burn when going upstairs etc...!!! Its not mega painful, just different. As for salt, i have been having bouillion today which has a fair amount of salt in it so hopefully that will also help. I dont do soup - *shudders*... so this is the only way I can incorporate it in!
will keep you posted! thanks very much for the info xx

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