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FFF diary

Ok that's fin for fifty - I do know it's 'thin' btw but that didn't quite look the same :p
Well here's me 49 and 50 next September :( I've been a yoyo dieter for more years than I can remember - managed to lose 4 stones at the start of my 40s and have put the whole lot and more back on! I had a massive PE in July 08 which really knocked me for 6 but, although I know my weight was an issue at the time, I've managed to put on another 17 kilos since going into to hospital at that point. Bottom line is that I'm putting myself at more and more risk of having another PE so how's that for an incentive. I MUST lose weight and there's no more stalling!
On a positive note I started on Monday and have stuck to plan so far :) For a number of reasons I can't get to group at the moment but I'm hoping to start after Xmas if things settle down a little. I'm resisting the urge to step on the scales every time I pass them and intend weighing in on a Monday morning - that's deliberate because if anything the weekends will be my downfall so I'm hoping the WI will help me focus more. Anyway I'm going to put my EE food diaries in here in the hope that people will yell at me if i'm not doing as I should please - I need keeping on the straight and narrow! :p


rice cooked in water with mullerlite & banana stirred in
HM Pea & Ham soup with carrot & onion + wholemeal roll HEB
Tandoori Chicken on a bed of salad
Coffee with milk HEA
Vodka x 4 = 10 syns

The tandoori chicken is takeaway but is dry meat marinated and done on a skewer in the clay oven - i'm not sure of syns for it??
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well done for getting on plan and coming on here is a good way to get support and ideas too..ive dabbled in EE,but prefer red days bcos of my nightshift,when u get a fancy for bacon roll..potato just dont cut it..lol..if it was me id up my fruit to snack on and best advice is plan today what ur having tomorrow,or in the morning so u dont get stuck on syns..so allow a flex today,and then keep to within ur syns tomorrow.i have a tuck box with my snacks eg hi fi bar,fruit and edible syns u fany like fries,choc bars all to the value of my days syns allowence,sad i know,i only buy snack size chocs and then put in fridge and slice them..tricks mind into thinking ur eating more well it does me..if u keep to it u could lose a minimum of 7lb by xmas,dont sabotage it by getting in tins of chocs,if ur a chocoholic like me or things u know u love too much,nuts etc..most of all go to the group after xmas as its the best way to stick at it as u r a big family all in the same boat :)good luck and hope i havent droned on too much
Welcome to MiniMins - how about 'Fit For Fifty' instead? Fit as in Johnny Depp FIT as well as physically fit!
Do you know JoRoger it was so early this morning when I posted that fit never even entered my head! Makes absolute sense though :p
Thanks for the tips PopTart - I'm lucky I'm not a big lover of chocolate - curry is my downfall though :( I've pulled out quite a lot of 'free' recipes though so I'm sure I can manage if I really try. Anyway off out now to drink my syns :eek: wish me luck!
Morning! :)
Well I was bit hungrier yesterday than planned and ended up eating
B rice cooked in water with mullerlite & banana stirred in
L HM Pea & Ham soup with carrot & onion + 3 x scanbran with 1 x LC blue cheese (part HEB - part HEA??)
apple x2
2 x vodka in huge glasses with diet coke
4 x pringles!! :cry: 2 syns
D Takeaway Tandoori Chicken starter on a bed of salad - but I only ate half :p

Coffee with milk part HEA
I know my vodka is 5 syns but can anyone give me a clue on the tikka? It is dry and cooked in a clay oven so shouldn't be too high........ do you think 5 syns would be enough?

I love this pea and ham soup so will make another batch of that today and I think I'm going to do a chicken and spinich curry for later......
Last day before my first official weigh in and I feel quite nervous even though i'm only doing it at home and there's only me to see! :eek: I hid the scales in the attic last week so I couldn't be tempted :rolleyes: just shows I know I'm too much of a lazy mare to take that extra flight of stairs to get them! :rolleyes:
Anyway yesterday was a cooking and de-clutter day for me. I'm ashamed to say I emptied out a 5 drawer chest I have full of paperwork and lots of other stuff it seems and managed 3 bin liners of rubbish from them - I had a couple of therapeutic hours shredding and started a charity bag! I then moved on to the bookshelves and got another 3 binliners full from there to send to the charity shop!! :eek:
Inbetween times I made a HUGE pan of ham and pea soup with loads of extra veg chucked in to make it a bit more speedy and a chicken, potato and spinich curry :D Foodwise the day looked like this....

Breakfast rice in mullerlite with tangerine
lunch pea & ham soup with wholemeal roll (HEB)
dinner chicken potato and spinich curry

snacks: small piece of low low cheddar with apple (.75 HEA)
:eek chaumes cheese spread on the wholemeal roll at lunch :eek: (more syns!!)
3 x vodka & diet coke (7.5 syns)
2 dashes of milk in coffees

I really couldn't resist the Chaumes cheese but haven't a clue how many syns it might be! It's making my fridge smell though so it'll have to get eaten at some point! ;)
Bit of an odd day yesterday foodwise as it was another first to break the routine
B - 2 rashers trimmed bacon, egg, mushrooms in 2 slices Warburtons wholemeal loaf (800g) 1 HEB & 4 syns(?)
L - 2 x mullerlite, 1 x banana, 1 x satsuma
D - pea & ham soup with extra veg

HEA - milk for coffee but only had 2 cups
3 x vodka - 7.5 syns

Anyway on a more positive note I just had my first DIY weigh-in
:553: and............I've lost 7lbs!!! :bliss:
Still buzzing from the loss and had a good day today

B - Oats so simple (HEA) + milk (part HEB)
S - banana
L - pea & ham soup with extra veg
Shape zero
D - gammon + cauliflower + 2tsp bisto granules (2 syns)

Pigged out a bit on cauli though and practically ate a full one! Not bad for someone who has resisted veg for the last 49 years! :p
Strange concoctions again today but they're on plan, filling me up and involve lots of Superfree food so who cares! :p

B - oats so simple (HEB) Milk (part HEA)
S - satsuma
L - 12 speed veg soup with 2 slices ham chopped into it
S - shortbread finger (5 syns)
D - pork steak
cauliflower & onion mashed
gravy (2 syns)
hi lesley welcome to minimins its a great site, ur food diary looks good, i made some rice pudding today hadn't thought about having it for brekky is'nt it yummy. good luck with ur weight loss journey :)
Today I've been hungry again :( I think it's the cold weather that's making me look for comfort foods!

B - Oats so simple (pt HEB) Milk (pt HEA)
S - Apple
L - Pea & Ham soup with xtra veg
Muller lite
D - Chicken potato & spinich curry
2 x scan bran (pt HEB & 1 syn)
chaumes (4.5 syns)

I'm down to my last 2 sachets of oats so simple so I'd best replenish the stocks - especially with snow on the way! :eek:


Serial Foodie!
I totally agree about comfort eating in winter,Lesley. Its not easy keeping out of the cupboards when its dark and dreary and cold :( still... you can keep your hands busy on the keyboard instead of the fridge. We'll keep you out of trouble (if we arent dabbling in it ourselves lol)

I chose to do an early weekday class so that i would be forced to stay well behaved over the weekends too. I'd be an utter nightmare if i weighed on a Friday.

Have you got the curry feasts recipe book? it is brilliant for curry lovers. i have to say, I really love cooking the chicken, spinach and potato curry that u mentioned above as it is so so easy to do. I sometimes add mushrooms and peppers... it depends on whats in the fridge at the time :)

I was diagnosed with diabetes and that sent me back to SW (but not before faffing and adding some weight for a few months) so I am similar to you in that regard. STILL! we are here now and doing fabby! Long may it continue :D xxxx
Thanks Karen - I'll be shouting for that support believe me! I'm always good at starting things - it's sustaining the momentum that's my downfall! :p I haven't got the curry feasts book but have managed to pull together a number of curry recipes by trawling through the various slimming world sites. Even my all time favourite traditional lamb madras recipe isn't too bad in terms of ingredients - it just doesn't seem the same without chappati or naan :( I'm on a roll at the moment anyway so I'll focus on that and try to keep it going as long as I can before I give in and syn drastically! :break_diet:
yesterday was a carb laden day but still within my syns - just! Didn't feel as though I'd been on track though :-(
Well the weekend is here again and after struggling for the past few days because of the weather I really have to knuckle down for weigh-in on Monday otherwise I'll wreck all my hard work! If I'd started this in the summer instead of 'researching' it for months I'd probably be in a better place right now and definitely more used to staying on plan! :sigh:
Well done on your loss, makes it all worth it doesn't it.
Thanks Jo it does! It's harder this week though - I just can't get warm and I'm having serious trouble trying to avoid things!

B - oats so simple (6 syns) + s.milk (part HEA)
S - apple
L - ham salad, shape zero yogurt, banana
D - wholemeal roll (HEB + 1 Syn) chicken + tomato

I'm having vodka tonight so that'll be another 7.5 syns AND a dry chicken tikka starter portion from the takeaway so I'm well over syns today but I've not used many syns all week so I hope I can get away with it! :p
I really need to think of something else for breakfast that doesn't use my HEB so I can fit in a sandwich fix at lunchtime! Anyway yesterday looked like this...

B - Oats so simple (HEB) Milk (part HEA)
S - Banana
L - Aloo Gobi
S - Apple
D - Aloo Gobi - only because OH had takeaway curry and I was feeling very left out! :(
S - 4 crabsticks
Syns - 3 x vodka & diet coke

Today I've had a lovely omelette for brunch with loads of mushrooms and some baked beans and a wholemeal roll (HEB) not sure what the rest of the day will involve other than a few more vodkas tonight! :p
I've made a concoction for brekkies next week :p
1 cup wholegrain rice mixed with couscous (free)
1.5 cups skimmed milk (8.5 syns)
1.5 cups water
1 tbsp brown splenda (1 syn)
handful of sultanas (4 syns)

I let it cool down and I've just had some with fat free natural yogurt - it was very tasty! :D I reckon there's another 4 portions left so i just need to work out the syns...... any help gratefully accepted! :p

edit: I think it's around 13.5 syns for 5 portions so 3 syns per brekkie if I work it out on the top side :)
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Today's menu
B- rice/couscous concoction - maybe I'll just call it cricous :p (3 syns)
S -banana
L - paella with chorizo & chicken (3 syns)
S - apple
D - sw wedges with sw chilli
S - tangerine

I don't appear to have had HEA or HEB today :confused: but I'm stuffed so I can't fit them in! :eek:

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