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fiber clear


Sensibly losing :)
I have completely stopped using it! Mine didnt mix like I thought it would.. and I got sick of stiring it round and swallowing lumps of it...!! I have trouble with my bowels (awaiting surgery) and thought this would make things a lot easier for me.. so I started out using it a few times a day to assist.. (need more help than most LOL)... still didnt work and it annoyed me mixing it. In the end I stopped and I am erm, going fine...!!! and dont seem to have the need for fibre clear now..... !! hope thats of some help!! LOL x


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I don't use fibre clear! Coz I go regularly if I drink a couple of black coffees with a few sweeteners tablets in, it acts as a laxative for me.

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I combine the two and have a spoonful of Fibreclear in a black coffee every other day. It seems to dissolve well and keep me regular! :p


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i just put a spoonful in a cup of coffee or tea in the morning and it dissolves fine with no taste and find it does help keep me regular!i think its something you should definitely use after being on LT for a couple of days cos with no fiber in the shakes you're likely to end up getting constipated at some stage which isn't nice!i think you'll notice yourself after being on LT for awhile that you'll need something to help you along!it really works and as long as you added it to hot liquid you wont even notice its there!

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If your normally regular and dont have problems you shouldnt need anything. Ive been doing LT four weeks and dont take fibre clear or any other laxative and have been fine. But if u dont drink enough water then u may get a bit bunged up. I drink alit of water 5 litres a day so thats probably why i dont have any problems x
i think ducolax is better if you're having trouble going and i wouldnt think you should take it every day unless you are genuinely constipated!the fiberclear just means you wont end up having to need something stronger like dulcoax!fiberclear isnt a laxative it just ensures you have sufficient fiber in your diet that you would normally get from eating healthy foods!id think you should start taking it soon because otherwise you will end up having problems and have to get something stronger!


Sensibly losing :)
Vanilly, go every couple of days? I am lucky if it happpens once every 10 days..!!! You will spot the week it happens on my WI ;) LOL!! I do have dodgy bowels but even fibreclear cant sort that out. I have heard dulcolax is good and the thought has crossed my mind...!!! I get IBS tho which has been fantastic since starting LT and I dont wanna set it off again if I can help it!!!
Bye bye you must be my sister I suffer from it too it's a nightmare it ruines my life they say lt helps it but mine is all mental anxiety based so no help for me :(


Sensibly losing :)
Mine is triggered by certain foods and any stress - omg, being upset or anxious usually has me in agony and housebound! ;) But since doing this diet I have not had ONE cramp! Its been lovely! I have also been very stressed with the 3 kids being ill since a week ago Tuesday, have been without sleep for entire nights and I am still a walking talking human with a normal tummy! Its amazing and had I not been part of it, I may not have believed it possible! can this diet make that much diff? I dont know but somethings changed and it seems far too coincidental I think.. Will have to see what happens on re-feed when food is brought back in - eggs are a big no-no for me and oddly enough even milk on cereal is enuf to trigger an atack, yet I can drink these shakes! confused I am!!! My little lad is lactose intol which makes me wonder if its more to it and therefore not in the shakes???
Hopefully you will find the same as me and the stress will reduce and help ya tummy - Squeeze said something about the chemicals being released on this diet that makes you less prone to being affectd by stress! :)
i hope so it really is the worst! and i think its very hard for someone who doesn't suffer from it to fully understand how it really holds you prisoner in your own life sounds dramatic i know but its unbelievable how much i've changed since i first experienced it i am not a patch on the girl i once was

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