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Fibre Clear help?????


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Right guys you may or may not know that ive had lets say "problems" with ALWAYS going to the loo,but now i just cant go. LOL
How does this fibre clear work is it like a laxative?I really feel like i need to go but cant and im walking like john wanye LOL:sick0019:

If i use this fibre clear will it make me the oppostite ?

Thanks and sorry lol xxx
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Sounds like we are all having a sh1t day:D x
Bravo, hopeit wasa good one:sick0019:


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Well cant take it no more im in so much pain LOL im off to boots before work,and im not going out all weekend till ive gone lol (so ill be online loads lol)

Well cant take it no more im in so much pain LOL im off to boots before work,and im not going out all weekend till ive gone lol (so ill be online loads lol)

Not talking 'sh1t' I hope! x:D


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This is a lovely thread lol
I hadnt been in over a week and i went this morning WOO HOOOO


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lol, i went in to london yesterday and had the sudden urge to go! So i had to go in a toilet in paperchase! Sooo embarrassing! There was about 5 people waiting after me! And i was in there for ages! Also only one cubicle!!!


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Fibre Clear bulks out the stools and keeps things moving gently if you take a teaspoonful a day.

New - the "invisible" fibre
that fights your weight control battles

A powder that dissolves in seconds to be imperceptible in any drink can help you keep that hard won slim figure, while it also benefits cholesterol levels and eases a host of bowel problems.

A glass of water containing a single teaspoonful of new fibreCLEAR looks and tastes exactly like a glass of water. Yet, unbelievably, it contains 6g fibre - that's more fibre than a bowl of Bran Flakes (200 Calories with milk but no sugar), 3 slices of whole grain bread (212 Calories without spread) or three apples (250 Calories) - and the fibre helps stabilise blood sugar levels, fighting the snack cravings that are the downfall of so many weight loss diets. Yet a serving of fibreCLEAR is only 3 Calories.

'fibreCLEAR' was introduced by leading UK weight loss experts at Howard Foundation Research to help people who'd lost large amounts of weight to stay slim and healthy. "Many of the foods we have to eat to get adequate fibre in our diets, add large numbers of unnecessary Calories, which can make weight maintenance difficult." says Managing Director and nutritionist, Dr Kreitzman, who has spent the last 10 years specialising in the research, development and clinical evaluation of weight loss products. One teaspoonful of fibreCLEAR powder, which can be added to any drink, hot or cold, without affecting its taste, appearance or mouthfeel, contains only 3 Calories yet its influence should be felt for many hours.

Some successful dieters regain weight because swings in their blood sugar levels trigger hungers that are hard to control. According to independent fibre expert, Dr Anthony Leeds of the Department of Nutrition at Kings College, London, "Put simply, soluble fibre limits the rise in blood sugar that occurs after eating a meal, so preventing the surge in insulin levels that often follows. The result can be less hunger and reduced blood insulin which is known to reduce the tendency to store body fat".

Nutritionists have known for years that high fibre diets can aid weight loss, ease constipation (which is itself often an uncomfortable side effect of dieting) and reduce high blood cholesterol. The trouble is, many people can't face the bulky, dry, over-chewy and often high Calorie intake necessary to get their fibre. Made from purified sweetcorn starch, fibreCLEAR is a natural soluble fibre which also encourages the growth of "friendly" bacteria that are believed to aid intestinal health and help us fight disease and possibly even certain cancers.

The 6g fibre in one daily teaspoonful of fibreCLEAR helps bridge the shortfall between the average UK adult's intake of fibre and the intake that doctors recommend for health. fibreCLEAR is a natural food product, not a medicine, and because fibreCLEAR is imperceptible in any drink, it couldn't be easier to take!

A 125g tub of fibreCLEAR powder containing approximately 21 one-a-day servings costs £4.95. It is available direct from Howard Foundation Research Limited, Swaffham Bulbeck, Cambridge, CB5 0NB. For ordering details telephone 01223 812812.


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I never had the problem last time, but this time its shocking. I'm not going into details, but lets just say I'm going to get some fibreclear. I had to use senicot yesterday:( I wondered if CD was different to LT, but it appears loads are having the same problem.
Yeah sh1t loads:D:D x
:)i use fibre sure ... same sort of thing .. pharmacist said was ok ... it works for me anyway ..going about every third day... but i also eat the flap jacks everyday so they must help too !! ... so yep... no problems at this end :D.... scuse the pun!.... ooh fridays ... my worst day..:sigh: all right all week and weekends mostly but for some reason fridays i have to really call on my old pal will power!! .. always been my end of week chill day .. a nice lunch usually a curry in the eve and then a nice bottle of red... ..he he then i wonder why i was 3 stone overweight....:eek:..
i will be back on later if a start to weaken... thats whats so good bout this site.. like garry said on a previous thread its looking at everyones journey whether hard or easy that is so inspirational.. realising yer not on yer own and that others are feeling and doing exactly the same as you ... brill ..:) sharon.
Nope!:D:D:D:D it keeps me sane:silly:


Back again - hey ho!
lol... ya sure its not some sort of tourettes of the keyboard??? :character00148::crazy:
lol, thats it:D


Back again - hey ho!
Where in Newquay are you going to stay Fun?
(used to be my very regular stomping ground:D)


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Were hoping to book a cottage in charlestown but if not then its a camp site in newquay-were campers not booked yet but never do till last min.


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