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Fifth Time Lucky???


My girlfriend and I are starting SS tomorrow... We've tried to start a few times before but have never got over those first few days....

I have loads of weight to lose :cry: it has to work this time!!

We have both become a bit addicted to this forum in preparation for CD this time...I've finally registered hehe

edited to add: on re-reading this thread could read as if I was a boy - I just thought I would add that I am not... lol
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Hiya, Welcome to the madness!

You'll do it and it will be fabulous!


Trying to stay healthy!
Hey BTT, welcome to the site and wonderful world of cd'ing! good luck to you both on your 1st day, don't forget to keep drinking tons of water to get your through the first few days!


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good luck to both of you! you will get through it keep glugin the water and postin on here and you will be fine!..xx
Thanks for your replies - my girlfriend decided it wasn't for her in the end... she's decided to follow a vegan diet as it's something she's been thinking about for a long time.

As for me I'm now on day two... had a little wobble earlier when I went passed Greggs - I love their sausage rolls :( but made it back to the car. My belly is starting to rumble and I feel like I have to pee constantly but I'm still going.

I have a cold and can't get that coldy taste out of my mouth :( i just ate 4 cashew nuts - the natural ones but I feel really guilty about it - just wanted something in my mouth that had some taste.

:( It's tough.
welcome and well done for making a change,coz remember.......................if nothing changes,it will stay the same lol (think that last shake went to my head) xxxxxxx


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Its tough, but in no time you will be in ketosis, and things will be better.

I love gregs sausage rolls too, they are yummy. Cambridge should do a sausage roll diet.


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bakery smells do my head in!! ha. keep at it babes. not long to go now!! and you'll be in k-land. i'm on day six and feeling much better and i'm going to have an ss+ day to celebrate the end of the week and hopefully my weigh in and then back to ss again.

good luck.

abz xx


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mmmm sausage roll soup would be lush.
Have you seen the flavours that the US CD do? Thats not fair...... im stuck with cappucino, butterscoth, toff and walnut plus FOTF... the rest taste like flash bathrom cleaner!

Ok - I fell off the wagon today. I have a bad cold and cough and felt totally sorry for myself. Don't think I've been on it long enough to have changed my feel bad=eat food habit. :break_diet:Anyway - I'm over it. Starting again tomorrow. :cry:
hey try not to get disheartened when you cheat a little........just promise yourself it wont happen again......lets face it none of us would be here if we could control our eating but if you think of that wee cheat compared to what you would've normally eaten 2day then Im sure you're still doin well...........

good luck
its hard to do when your sick. get your self better 1st and restart once and for all no more nibblies!! you can do it its all in the head says she who has restarted a million times!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't restart today as I still felt crap and felt it would be making it too hard on myself... I find it hard enough already....

Any tips on restarting??
grip ya teeth- head down and go for it, remember why you wanted to do Cd and think about the results your going to get- weight loss and confidence, greater selection of clothes etc etc some on you can do this
Good Luck. Just take one day at a time thats my plan for my first week. Just having my first ever CD meal butterscotch shack:D
Fifth Time Unlucky

:sigh: It's over - I don't think I can do this.

Move over CD... plan b anyone???
weight watchers? i love weight watchers and altho my losses weren't huge (as i dont have much left to lose now), the ppl with more to lose were getting weekly losses similar to those on CD!! AND you get to eat what you like as long as you stay within your points.

just a thought xx
my plan b is go lower - it's a real food diet but it puts you in ketosis so the weight comes off pretty fast - also the food gets delivered to your door (which is perfect for me - I'm a very lazy cook)

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