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***Fighting Fit Friday hour by hour***


Slimming down the aisle
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Good morning all, just about!!

Didn't see one of these threads so thought I'd start one!

Today's going a lot better for me this morning. My payment got pushing through by my uni at last, after over 6 weeks of them messing it up!

I probably won't be around much in the day today. Heading over to my sister's in a bit as I haven't seen them in a while and then going swimming with my niece. Better make sure my legs are fit to see light of day still after the dodgy weather we've had, they've not been on show for a bit! She's almost 16 and has just finished her GCSEs so has a lot of free time on her hands so I might make her come swimming with me more often! I might head to the gym before swimming too, can't decide just yet. I know she goes to the gym sometimes, so might make her come with me. Would probably be good to do some resistance training. Have noticed the start of loose skin, not majorly, but it's the start! So I figure now is the time to start upping the exercise and toning activities that I do. Walking, swimming, gym etc. Might help keep it at bay a bit longer!

Hope you all have great days whatever you're doing!

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Eat to live don't live to eat!
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I don't feel fighting fit today, cant be bothered to excersise so gonna have to push myself lol, its hard to do anything because I am so cold, I have a jumper on but still cold, dont wanna put the heating on tho!!! Maybe a coffee will warm me up then I have soup to look forward to at lunchtime, might push me to excersise this afternoon!!!



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Hi all.

Glad you're getting your payment Caroline, hope you enjoy your swim!

Twinkle-Its cold here too but know what you mean i dont want to put the heating on either! have had our little halogen heater on a bit though.

I took my mini trampoline and weights out yesterday for the first time in ages, might do the same agin today. Always struggle when the weathers miserable, just want to eat!! going fine today so far, had some cottage cheese & cucumber for lunch and will have some chicken for tea if I feel the need. Its early but my TOTM looks like its looming so guess thats why I just want to eat everything in sight!
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Hello all, just started am on day 3.

i am going to the gym after work for 45 minutes of sheer hell!!! ha ha only kidding but close, cardio and boxing!!

x x x
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Have been to the gym today, I burn off 300 calories a day and am on the 1000 plan, not sure if I need to move up as I am just getting more and more tired and more hungry too, I am now really struggling in the evening with hunger, although I am full after dinner, the hunger kicks in later in the evening.... we shall see if I have a weightloss this week and if I do, may just move up to 1200.... have a good day everyone... no cheating remember!!! lol


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Hi everyone..Wow, you are all so active...worn out just reading about the gym and boxing and swimming :) Last time I had successful weight loss exercise was a key part, running and swimming etc With CD I am not exercising as such but tend to just chose something houseworky like gardening..car washing etc...gonna work out upper body giving car a thorough wash n wax. I know if my body gets too tired I will get my 'eating head' on. Like Greeneyes I will probably start back at the gym when I work up the plans. Caroline I am so glad you got a result with the Uni money. Today I have been mainly avoiding painting again like yesterday...doing lots of other stuff though, better than nothing!


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Hi everyone..Wow, you are all so active...worn out just reading about the gym and boxing and swimming :)
I was just thinking the same thing as I was reading the posts :D!

Glad you got the money Caroline! I haven't been around much recently so have just lurked a little in the evening. Luckily it's the weekend :happy036:so I should be around a bit more.

Nothing planned this weekend so will just catch up on housework and think of stuff to keep the kids entertained! It's pay day today and I got my yearly bonus so really want to go shopping, but DH is away for most of the weekend so noone to look after the kids and they are not shop friendly!

Is it bad that I didn't quite tell my DH how much my bonus was? He didn't ask and I did transfer most of it to our joint account, but kept some back for a new wardrobe. I'm sure he wouldn't begrudge me that money but we are so broke at the moment it really should go towards bills....but I want new shiny clothes in smaller sizes and some new shoes.....:dooney:

I've got weigh in tomorrow and am expecting a good loss as I STS last week. I'm hoping for 5lbs, but will be happy with 3lbs +.

Hope you are all feeling very virtuous after your exercise! I'm flipping some pancakes soon - does that count as resistance training :rolleyes:

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