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Filling Breakfast


Finally Pregnant!!
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Hi Linny90...
Dunno if you work or not.. If you have time a nice boiled/scrambled/poached egg with grilled mushroom n tomato I find is really filling.. And super tasty so you feel like you're being really bold.. But in reality its only 2pp's!!
I have porridge most days.. Or my new thing has been Bran Flakes (3pp for the porridge or 5pp for the Bran Flakes)
Would you have muesli maybe and yogurt over/with your fruit??


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I second that. Maybe after your fruit have a boiled egg (2pp) with slice wholemeal scone (2pp). I like oatcakes too with philla, I find them filling. If you've no time then the Belvita Yoghurt Chrunch Breakfast Buscuits are lovely - 6pp for the two in the pack.
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Hi Dubchick81! Thanks for replying. I'm really slow in the mornings so used to just grab a banana and go. I'm a student so sometimes I have early classes and sometimes I have more time. Haven't had porridge for a really long time so might give that one a go. I used to eat a bowl of Special K but found it didn't fill me up for long.

Thanks for your help :)
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I'm a student too and i know exactly how rushed I am on a morning before the 9am lectures...yuck ha. Im going to try belvita I got oat flavour recently and they were quite bland so gonna try another flavour. They were sooo filling though! The belvita and a yoghurt would be awesome breakfast with a piece of fruit! Xx


Finally Pregnant!!
S: 12st5lb C: 12st8.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: -0st3.5lb(-2.02%)
Belvita are yum.. And very filling although they don't really look it!!
Why dont you add a banana or berries to your special K..
I love my porridge I hav to say.. For brekkie on the go I'd have some wholemeal toast with philly or laughing coz cheese in place of butter.. And bring some fruit to have a little later.. If you get JM&O'B Wholemeal bread, the 2 slices & cheese spread is only 4pp!! Bargain brekkie if you ask me :D

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