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Final BMI question. I'm now confused!!!!


I was just wondering about the BMI that you can achieve before coming off Cambridge, I always thought the BM range for healthy is 20-25 was researching today on my lunch hour and the weight loss resources website and food standards agency say 18.5 – 25 and so do the NHS direct website.

I am at the weight when I diet I always give up cause I reach a plateau and can’t be bothered anymore, but this time I am determined to keep going until I reach a BMI of about 20 as I am quiet small 5’4 and have a small bone structure according to my GP.

Now I see the BMI range has been reduced that means I could slim down to 7 st 10 and still have a healthy BMI. I am currently 10st 4 and on 3rd week of Cambridge restart stopped last time at just below ten stone. I have however started exercising a lot more now.

Do you think a BMI of 18.5 is:
b)Maintainable with exercise

Or do you think original goal of BMI 20 (8st6) is better to aim for?

Just trying to work out my goals today so I stick to my plan this time?

I would appreciate your opinions

Many Thanks

N xx
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S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
I understood the lowest BMI to be healthy was 20 - and under that was underweight ... except for asian cultures where BMI of 18.5 is considered healthy. Not sure about other websites ... but Cambridge it's still 20.

Deb G

Silver Member
S: 13st10lb C: 13st7lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st3lb(1.56%)
No - they changed the guidelines so its 18-25 now.

I would see what you look like as you go lower - and choose a weight you can actually maintain too!

I am 5ft6, currently 9st 8 and in a size 10/12. I'm planning on going down to 9 and keeping myself at 9 (BMI about 20) for the rest of my life. This will make me an 8-10 clothing wise. I think I can maintain this, but if not I will increase it to 9st 7 as I look good now.

If I go down to BMI of 18 I will be about 8st3 and will probably look like a skeleton as I'm bony (sticky out pelvic bones and breast bone) and it will make me look gaunt. Plus I probably won't be able to eat if I want to maintain this.

Let your body dictate as you lose the weight - you'll know when you're happy!
Hiya, im in the same situation as you, im the same height and weight at the moment, ive come off cambridge for a week but not eating anywhere near how i was before and excersing everyday nearly, i want to be around 8stone something, between 50-55kgs, and its so hard coz i have been working so hard and im not seeing any results, so im gonna go back on CD next week and not cheat at all hopefully i will lose weight quicker, i cheated a few times so the losing was pretty slow.. but i think bmi of 20 is just fine, i would be happy at 21, but i want to be slim for my wedding... anyway good luck, your the first person ive seen here in the same boat as me...

All the Best..

The healthy range with CD is still 20-25 for CDC's to be able to supply below 20 we cannot supply any diet for weightloss.

Whether or not this will change we will have to see, but currently for CD customers there is no change unless as Beverley says you are in a group where you can go lower.
Evening Everyone

Thanks for your replies I thought I could only do CD down to BMI 20 was just checking to see if I could go lower as I only found out today healthy BMi is 18.5-25. I'm only at BMI 25 so still got a bit to go and will probably settle about BMI 20 anyway.

Diamond that is so starnge you are in basically exactly thesame position, what plan are you following I'm on the 1000, maybe we could be each other moral support when required, how is this week going for you?

Thanks for all the replies

N xx
well ive come off CD, at the moment dont know for how long, im eating bits if everything really, staying away from anything fast food, choc's, and fatty things, cooking at home, but im exercising everyday nearly for an hour, hoping to lose weight this way, i want to do CD, but my partner tells me i can do it this way so im abit confused, also im feeling fitter day by day which is good coz im so rubbish at working out, i got Davina's new dvd which is really good, and the latino dance one.. i really wanna lose weight abit quicker so im thinking of maybe in a week or so, have a shake in the morning and evening and have a light lunch...

what are you doing? like i said glad to see someone in the same boat as myself...

Hey diamond

Hope u doing well,I'm on the one thousand plan and exercising for an hour every day, Cambridge is the only thing that works for me so I,m sticking wit it till I get to BMI 20.

Good luck wit ur plan hope it works for you

n xxx
Hey Barcababex,

im good thanx, i doing the same as you, but im not seeing any changes, if been over three weeks, but i wasnt on CD, so this morning ive had a shake and gonna try my hardest to replace two of my meals with it..
How are you finding it, yeah i want the same as you BMI 20!!! i dont know what im doing wrong though...

I think I've just reached a plateau hence I have increased my exercise to daily added sit ups and now some weights too! Think my body is comfortable at this weight but I'm sticking wit it if I continue to eat less than I use I will loose weight thats the theory also going to increase my water not been very good at that recently! I find the 1000 plan good cause the only meal I have to think about is dinner and have a shake for brakfast and bar for lunch so I'm hoing to loose four lbs this week been exercising loads just need to up my water! So fingers crossed for tuesday!

What plan are you doing now?

N xx

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