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Final burst of honesty!!

Ok. I'm calling this my final burst of hnesty because I'm hoping to not have to confess to picking or eating throughout this final attempt at LT.

I've been pi55ing about if I'm totally honest and have been eating the biggest load of rubbish. I've been coming on here days when I hadn't had a shake, fully believing I'd get going that day -then I'd cave big style and binge. But lurking about has done its job and today I finally had a shake before coming on and I feel really positive that this time is it. I know I'm in the right frame of mind and that I'm not just trying to be. I'm actually ready to commit -whereas before I've always been looking fo the end. This time I dont care how long it takes or what comes up while I'm on it. This time its for me!

I'm still not going officially cus I've a weeks supply left so official WI next week. I dont know what weight I am, though I know its heavier than ever before. When I know I'll post.

So lads and ladies -wish me luck because I really really need it to work this time. I realy need to do it this time.
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Good luck honey and well done for taking the step in getting started again. You CAN do this!!!!!

You know you have been messing around and picking when you shouldnt be so learn from that lesson and pick yourself up and get back on the LT train with all of us! :)

When you feel like eating or whatever get on this forum and rant!! There is always someone around :D:D:D xx
Thanks woman, people will be sick of me by the time I'm done with it lol

I'm really really getting started today and I'm actually excited about it again. Before I've been dreading it so I know that it's gonna be different this time!!


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well theres the biggest change right there - this time you feel excited rather than dreading it! It shows that this time you are serious and now you just need to prove to yerself that you can do it! :D xx
Yip. Gotta just get the hell on with it! :D Thanks woman, thank you. oxo


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:whoopass::whoopass::whoopass: Now don't make me have to do it again!!!!!

Good luck hun!


Here we go again!
Good luck and stay positive. Sounds as though you are really up for it this time and ready to do it. Good luck, we're all here to help in any way we can, so just do it.
Thanks Sara, thanks Bev. I needed a bot in the bum and all the support going!!


Just wait until the weight starts dropping off, you will be sooo thrilled with yourself. You can do it.
Thanks SS, I've 2 litres of water in me now and I'm lovin goin to the loo so much! lol -Bringing back all the times I felt great on LT before so bring it on! lol

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