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  1. Viita

    Viita Silver Member

    So it's day one and i'm a little excited however this apple & cinnamon porridge has the consistency of wallpaper paste lol.. However I bet a few weeks in it'll be good as you have the "eating" motion.

    Vegetable soup for lunch which I hope tastes a little better..

    Got my massive bottle of water with me so just focusing on drinking as much of this 1.5L before 12.

    So I was slightly heavier on my councillors scale but thats just short term!

    Here it goes! Wish me luck!
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  3. Viita

    Viita Silver Member

    Vegetable soup was okay surprisingly.. lol..

    1.5L of water done.
  4. Viita

    Viita Silver Member

  5. Beverley75

    Beverley75 Silver Member

    Hi Viita, trying to message via my mobile is so frustrating! I've been trying to post you a message since last night!!!!!!!!

    Well done on making this decision to improve your life hon! I hope you're having a brilliant day 2 - I saw your post on Gemma_Charlotte 's thread; Lawrence (Dual Dynamics) and Sharon were my Cambridge Counsellors for two years and are just as motivational and supportive in real life as they are online! LOVE them!

    Keep watching the videos and getting that water down :)
    How much do you have to lose? You'll be thrilled at the first weigh in with your weight loss so just keep going .... And whatever you do: don't nibble ANYthing xxx

    Best of luck for Day 2 x
  6. Viita

    Viita Silver Member

    Hey Beverley,

    Thank you so much for your message! It's been pretty quiet on here so I really appreciate you reaching out.
    Laurence is so amazing I was watching his videos last night & got up to week 7 and couldn't believe it.
    I'm trying to do the same as he did.. 4.5lbs a week for 12 weeks!
    I have 3 and a half stone to lose hopefully by January! I've lost a lot of weight over the years but the last few stones have been so stubborn so thought i'd do it this way!

    Day two is going well and just drinking my water. I have chicken & mushroom soup for lunch and had the porridge for breakfast.

    How about you? How's everything going on your end? xx
  7. Viita

    Viita Silver Member


    So a friend who is significantly larger then me & failed at the cambridge diet multiple times is trying to put me off.

    Telling me i'll get excess skin and that i'll be saggy everywhere blah blah..

    I don't care what she says i'm doing this.
  8. Viita

    Viita Silver Member

    However on a brighter note the chicken & mushroom soup was pretty nice!
  9. Beverley75

    Beverley75 Silver Member

    Hi Viita! I'm glad your day is going well ... As for your friend .... even people that love us will perform 'subconscious sabotage' this friend is talking nonsense. You have 3 stone to lose - the beauty of drinking so much water (as well as keeping the plumbing nice and flushed lol) is that your skin elasticity and health is improved. I lost 5 st and after week 3 used my abdominiser for gentle sit ups (hate my tummy) and had NO saggy skin anywhere. Everyone is different of course, but my big sister is 4 years older than me and has lost and kept off just under 5 stone with Lighter Life with no excess skin issues and no exercise .... If your friend failed at CWP loads of times that means she knew it worked and just couldn't stick the distance, right? Whenever anyone has negative 'advice' I have a patented tight lipped smile I give and tell them I'd rather have loose skin or have my shakes than have diabetes, a heart attack, stroke and any other obesity related illnesses I can think of!! They soon drop it lol

    You just keep 'doing you' - you're doing a great job sweetie xx

    Ps: I'm having a brilliant day 4 so far :) I'm in ketosis, and once I start burning stored fat I always get a boost in determination to succeed. I love my Choc Mint shakes .... Can't be dealing with variety right now and the Choc Mint got me to minus 5 st before :)
  10. Viita

    Viita Silver Member

    Hey Bev,

    Your completely right. She know's it works but could never get past day 3 and hates to think someone else could have the willpower to stick with it.
    I'm happy having a little excess skin then a load of fat there. So i'm happy with that. My CDC did say that all I should do is some sit up's and some light weights. Nothing more.
    I love working out but on this little amount of calories it can't work.

    I just ordered some ketostix so I can see if I am too so hopefully they'll arrive soon..
    How often do you check?

    Glad your having a amazing day! Just choco mint? I had that last night as it was yum and surprisngly they do fill you up!

    Not sure what flavour i'll pick tonight..

  11. Viita

    Viita Silver Member

  12. Lauralou1

    Lauralou1 Member

    Keep at it think of weigh in go have a glass of water and take some deep breaths wen are u due your nxt pack? Dont give in think of those skinny jeans! Xxx
  13. Viita

    Viita Silver Member

    Oh hellll no I am not cheating or even thinking of it.. I'm just drinking my water & waiting for this to pass. Nearly done my 2l and just need to do 1 more.
    My next pack is at dinner time. Not hungry at all just fed up of peeing every 30 minutes haha..
  14. Beverley75

    Beverley75 Silver Member

    Here here! I second Lauralou 's advice.... This too shall pass, and hopefully in the next day. Hang in there hon. You know you can do this!

    Yes, on Step 1 is not advised to go wild with the exercise.... You don't take in enough calories to sustain that. If you have major questions (or even niggling ones) call your counsellor or leave a message for Dual Dynamics? Lawrence is usually good at answering back.

    Have some water (not too much) and sit quietly for a minute mediating and concentrating on why you're doing this .... Distraction may help. Big hugs xx
  15. Beverley75

    Beverley75 Silver Member

    Oh! Just read your last post lol that's the spirit!!!

    And the peeing tapers off when your body gets used to the water :)
  16. Lauralou1

    Lauralou1 Member

    I start saturday with the CD and i cannot wait goin straite to ss and hopin to lose 2 stone or 3 at a push! Im gonna need so much motivation as i have no will power what so eva but am soo miserble i HAVE to do this!
  17. Viita

    Viita Silver Member

    Hahaha! This won't break me. I'm drinking around 3l a day but I see people on here drinking 4l? Hmmmm..

    I can't wait to get the bars in week two and the water flavourings.. Makes things a little more exciting haha..

    How's your minty day going? xoxo
  18. Viita

    Viita Silver Member

    Just picture your end goal and stay focused and you can do it 100%..

    It's not forever and it's a step closer to the slimmer you!
  19. Lauralou1

    Lauralou1 Member

    I cannot wait to be where you ladies are the anticipation of not knowin if i can do this diet is killin me lol i really really dont want to fail. How much have u lost vita?
  20. Viita

    Viita Silver Member

    I've lost 5 stone with exercise and healthy eating over the last 3 years but shifting the last few stone was taking so long..
    I was losing 1lb a week if I was lucky..

    I'm only on day 2 & I can't wait to weigh in on Monday!
  21. Beverley75

    Beverley75 Silver Member

    Just had my 3rd shake and felt no longing at all when my 'Sunshine Boy' filled his 15 year old boots with kfc lol I'm on a roll :)

    I have 4 shakes a day because I'm tall so one more to go at 9ish. I can't wait to list 3 or 4 stones so I can save some money and have 3 shakes a day!

    How're you ladies getting on? x
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