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Attack Final Day of Attack! Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!


Just keep swimming...
It's been a breeze! Was very apprehensive before I started Attack, and didn't think I could possibly bear to eat just protein for 5 days, since I have had disastrous flirtations with Atkins on more than one occasion.

But Dukan is soooo much better than Atkins. Think it is because Atkins focuses on stuffing your face with as much fattening sauce/mayonnaise/butter etc as you can on top of all the protein.

Got to the stage each time that I couldn't face another meal and would end up actually starving myself before giving up completely.

But eating protein without it being slathered in fat is so easy and natural. I could do another 5 days with ease! (I won't of course...)

Tomorrow I am on to Cruise and really looking forward to adding the veggies I am allowed. If Attack has been so easy, how much easier will Cruise be? Have no worries now that I CAN DO THIS! With the help of you all on here too ofcourse! :)

Just had to share :D

Oh, and have lost 5lbs now! And loads of cms all over. Is fab.
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Well done on a fab loss during Attack and such a positive approach.
I've also not encountered any problems and the transition into cruise was just as easy - be aware it may take a while for your body to adjust. I didn't lose so much in week 1 of cruise but week 2 and 3 results more than made up for it.

Good luck
I am pleasantly surprised at how easy it is too. I can see that because it is very black and white what you can and cant eat there is not much room for slippage (or should I say cheating!). Having come from SW there were always times you had to guesstimate syns etc. which may have led to slow or no weight losses for me. Not quite sure how I am going to feel about it when I am eating out tomorrow lunch time - or when I have a girls night out at the pub next friday - but so far sooooo good!
:party0011: Woo hoo! Well done Wheesht. You are doing so well.

I can't wait to read your post tomorrow with your Attack weight loss and your yummy plans for the day!


Just keep swimming...
Thanks very much Diamond. Wow you are getting on like a house on fire, what an inspiration!

I have tried to resign myself to it all to slowing down once I get into Cruise. Tbh I was amazed I actually lost anything at all as, according to the book, I am the very representation of a resistant dieter, so will see how it goes from here-on in!

Taffy, black and white makes it sooo much easier doesn't it? If I have choices to make, they will generally be the wrong ones. At least when it comes to food...

Great to see that you are half way to goal.. I'm sure you will cope fine with the meals out as you have managed this far!

Cheers stmc!!! Havent worked out tomorrow's menu yet but will do it tonight.

Tried chicken curry today, but put it in the slow cooker which was a DISASTER! Won't be doing that again lol. Isn't a complete disaster really as the chicken itself is fine and will last for a few meals, it was the sauce that disintigrated and congealed. Ugh.
damn, and blast, I just wrote a long response, and my internet connection went down, and whoosh, it has disappeared.

What I wanted to say, is I agree with you. This is so much nicer than Atkins. Although I followed the diet rigorously, I consumed too many calories and failed to loose weight. I did this on and off for 10 years.

And then there was Dukan. I feel wonderful. No constipation, and I can eat vegetables, esp tomatoes every other day. Am I missing out. Not at all. Go gurls!

Celestial hugs and warm fuzzies



Just keep swimming...
Exactly Tessa! Oh and I forgot about the horrendous constipation on Atkins :eek:

And because I practically lived on cheese (once the sight of another piece of chicken dipped in mayo had me running for the sick bowl) my gums started to recede. Was awful - what damage to do to a body when all I wanted was to be at a healthy weight!

Go Dukan!! :party0049:


I can if I think I can.
Congrats on a fantastic attack weight loss! I agree that Dukan is so much more straightforward to follow than other diets - no pointing, counting, weighing! Atropos hit the nail on the head in a post today with Dukan there is no micromanaging of food. I was a desperate one for sidelining points/calories etc in order to eat rubbish. I've been following Dukan for 17 days now and it's said that doing something for 28 days in a row makes it a habit. No probs on Dukan! Here's to a happy cruise for us both! :)Xx


Just keep swimming...
So in 11 days it'll be a way of life for you Lausanne!

It is great that all the hard work has been done for us as everything has been worked out to the letter - I don't need to use my brain atall hardly (well, what's new?!) hehe.

You must be so excited about getting weighed after all this time! Has it helped you, do you think, not being able to jump on and off the scales whenever you had the urge?

Oh and I really loved your letter btw. It really struck a chord.


I can if I think I can.
Thanks Wheesht. All the thoughts in the letter had been whirring round my head for a few days now - it was very therapeutic to write it all down. Not easy to admit to a cringe inducing relationship with food. But hey isn't that what they say, the first steps to recovery are admitting you have a problem!

I definitely will have butterflies when I step on the scale. I can see it my clothes already as they're not so tight around my waist. I do have a tape measure and have lost on the tape too. The trick is not to get hung up on the scale. I know Dr D says weigh daily, I'll try for a while and if I get annoyed at normal up and down fluctuations I might go back to once a week.

Are you planning on weighing everyday?


Just keep swimming...
I always have done... I find that if I don't weigh, I subconsciously give myself permission to go eat and drink whatever I want as I don't have to look at the consequences! And by the time I have forced myself to weigh and face up to my actions the results aren't good...

It's amazing how our minds play tricks! Like you say though, it's good to admit to our problems and having a long hard look at our relationship with food and dieting can only help.


I can if I think I can.
I always have done... I find that if I don't weigh, I subconsciously give myself permission to go eat and drink whatever I want as I don't have to look at the consequences! And by the time I have forced myself to weigh and face up to my actions the results aren't good...
This was totally like me and ultimately led to my downfall in the past! :eek: Maybe daily weighing will be good for me and keep me focused - another 28 days needed to instill another new habit! :p


Just keep swimming...
What are we like eh? :D

Are you having a good holiday btw? Am very envious. Won't get away on holiday until December, that's if we get a holiday at all this year :rolleyes:
Try having had NO holiday for 6 years!!!!
I used to have a busy busy busy job, no time to get away. Then our little one was born. Forget going anywhere for a while. And now we're too busy cos we have 3 businesses to run.
We have promised ourselves a holiday, a REALLY good one in September 2012 but I know we won't. My hubby's a workaholic and it's a part of him I've grown to love (it took a lot of growing).
So, I bet December doesn't seem that bad now.



Just keep swimming...
I know JUST how you feel locket! We have our own business too and it's a nightmare getting away. Last December was our first holiday in 5 years.

And it's given me a taste for it now so am itching to get away again!

You really must make him take a week or two off. It made all the difference for us. We didn't realise how much we needed just to shut off, relax and unwind. Was fab.
Hi all. Totally agree about how easy this is. I started on Monday and this morning was a whole stone down! I'm really, really nervous now about going into Cruise. I just hope it doesn't all go horribly wrong from here! I've put the book on my Kindle so that I can keep it with me always - although after the first couple of days I found I had lost those cravings that have always sabotaged me in the past. I've eaten only plain food really - boiled eggs, chicken breast, tuna, beef escalopes (grilled), fat free yogurts and the galettes. Food becomes a fuel rather than a reward/comfort/treat/compensation for another bad day/etc. I too have found daily weighing works for me - and your description of not doing so Wheest was like reading about myself! Is anyone else nervous about moving onto Cruise?
I know. I'm so used to not having a holiday that I no longer know what I'm missing.
We're also finalising the plans to start building 2 homes in Scotland, at least one's a holiday home. So worst comes to worst, I'll be able to escape there once in a while in about 2 years.



Just keep swimming...
Jules, well done on losing a stone on Attack! That's astronomical!!

I've lost 5lbs on 5 days of Attack which I'm really pleased with as I find it very difficult to lose. Re cruise, yep am a bit nervous about moving onto it (which I do today). Am vaguely worried that the introduction of veg will stall things, knowing what I've been like in the past, but we'll see how it goes. If I do have problems I was thinking I might have to do 2 days PP, 1 day PV... but don't know if that's recommended.

From your fantastic loss I don't think you are going to have a problem atall!

Locket, that will be brilliant having a holiday home! Even if you can get away some weekends it will make all the difference.

We are moving to larger premises at the end of September, which is going to cost a fair amount to fit out, so can't see us getting away this year. Ah well, needs must I suppose!
Yay! 5lbs is fantastic wheesht!

I am finding cruise okay. I could do with a definitive list of the rules like we have have for attack. Will perhaps plead with the wise ones and see what they can do.

Ps I would miss you too if I had to leave x

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