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Final decision on exercise!!!

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading all of the posts on here and it really really is helping me so a big thanks to all of you.:):)

Also - just wanted to give a bit more info on me - im 31, divorced (but now in a relationship) and my real name is Angel. So pleased to meet you all!

Anyway - my question is this:
I have read lots of different posts about exercise and how resistance is better than cardio etc. Im not going to do anything in the first two weeks (im currently on day 11 already!!) but I want to do something.
I was looking online at the resistance bands you can get to help tone up etc but I still see some posts who say they do cardio everyday.
Am confused! Can anyone advise me once and for all? I dont want to impede my weight loss but I would like to be a bit more active than I am e.g. zero at the mo!!

Thanks everyone and sorry to raise this question again, I know its been done to death but I dont want to do anything that will be harmful to me..

Hugs to you all, and a massive thanks to all of you that inspire me each day with your amazing weight losses and positivity!!!

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Exante suggest 20mins daily. I think that if you are doing light exercise it helps, but if you go into burning 1000calories daily sweating it out in the gym..it may be more of a disadvantage than advantage. I think its about getting the balance right. Listen to your body, if its tired stop..dont force yourself. I am going to start going back to the gym 3x a week in week 3 and just take it as it comes. Maybe just doing 20mins and taking it from there. I will concentrate on resistance to build up muscle too!

VLCDs in general also suggest that if its something new, to start slowly. If you are used to doing exercise and its something you have been doing regularly, then its OK to continue.

Angel is such a sweet name by the way! :)


A New Woman
Fantastic loss in your first week Angel...I'm on my 9th day and I'm finding my energy restored and keen to get active again. So I'm interested in the replies you'll be getting on this one :)
LOL have just laughed out loud to myself as I have re read my post - im not 31 at all!! Im 32 and 33 in two weeks!! Oh dear...wishful thinking I guess.

Thanks Dreaming - I shall be interested in what everyone elses plan is too, but yours sounds just right!
Fantastic loss in your first week Angel...I'm on my 9th day and I'm finding my energy restored and keen to get active again. So I'm interested in the replies you'll be getting on this one :)
Thanks - yes me too, I feel better than I have in ages. Am waking up better in a morning too! I have a monthy pass for a gym so it seems silly to waste it...xxx
Hi there
I like to combine resistance and cardio. The resistance training really firms and tones, although can lead to a small weight gain initially. If you're interested in the figure on the scales I guess cardio could be the way to start. When I initially began to lose, the scales didn't show much reduction yet I quickly got into a smaller size trousers.

Good luck with whatever you decide!


Are We There Yet?
I bought a pilates band from argos for £9.99 today. My mom bought one two weeks ago and it is great. It has handles so you can do all types of resistance stuff. I also bought one of those wheel forward ab thingies and a exercise mat lol
Hi - I'm no expert on what's best, but I go by what my body tells me is right. I have always been a big runner but have now found that some days I can run for hours and others I can't do 15 mins. If I'm feeling particularly sluggish I do more weights and lighter cardio. I think any exercise is beneficial, but think it is important to go with what your body tells you. I usually would always push myself hard when working out - I don't do this now I'm on exante, I just change the type of exercise to suit my body.

If like me, you will know what's right for you on a particular day. No science behind my theory but I don't feel it's wise to push too hard on such a low calorie intake.

Don't know if that helps any, but good luck all
Morning Everyone!!!

I was looking through some of my gym leaflets last night and had completely forgotten that they do Body Balance and Body Bump (Including many other Body workouts!). Body Balance is like Tai Chi and Yoga etc and Body Pump is pumping weights to music so a great resistance routine. When I am in week 3 I think I am going to start doing 2x Body Pump, 1xBody Balance and if I can fit it in around work 1xCardio routine.

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