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final my heads in the game with exante

well after numerous starts ive always crashed on day 1 :cry:but made it to day 2 now i know i wont give! my bigest regret is leaving id done 5wks and lost 2 stone well hello its bk :cry:and i am so pissed off i could scream so bought myself a cute lil snow white out fit to wear in 5 weeks and i will fit in it then off with the rest of my weight the way i see it is i can lose this weight a few months maybe more to a new healthier happier slimmer me or years of moaning and being unhappy about how i look so onwards and upwards im here to stay :D

Make it past wk 1
Lose ½ stone
Lose 1 stone
Make it past 1 month
Mini goals
Get lower than 200lbs
Drop a dress size
Lose 1 ½ stone

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yup keep going, I'm saying to myself 'everyday I'm not doing this is a day I'm going to regret at the end of the year' (I know that seems harsh but I don't want to look back and see any of this as wasted opportunity).

well done for getting over the first hurdle, I'm really pleased for you, I'd say the first day is definately difficult but you will so get into the swing of this!
well im still here yeahhhhh so far so good im on my way bk scales already going down so time to pull out the wii fit lol i know it sounds silly be so excited about two days but im so chuffed lol
sheena u had a great 1st week loss keep at it
Hi I'm more or less in the same boat, I keep sabotaging myself, so I know how you feel I lost lots of weight but have put it back on again, but I keep trying to keep to the diet but falling off the wagon every time so today is day 1 for me again, I hope you are doing well on your day 2 and can continue to keep on the straight and narrow, so best of luck x linda
hi skinny day 1 s a ***** again lol
im doing ok ive got a cold at the mo so head banging but when i feel im gonna cave in i had a small cube of cheese or some ham i do this for the 1st week to help me get through it :) cant wait for 1st wi hope u stick to it why does dieting have to be so hard?? :( still we can stick to it and ill help you keep motivated i need to lose like 92lbs in total but broke it down so starting with 48 hate seeing big numbers lol good luck with today i know it will drag but u got to remember its soooo worth it
yay for you!! you're doing great this is the tough bit! I still have days am struggling but failure is not an option :character00115: (rocky theme tune is neccessary here...please hum to yourself quietly).

I kept jumping on the scales for the first few days, was making sure this is working LOL. You're right to be excited, this is exciting and the weight will initally drop off and the first 20lbs will be gone in ze blink of ze eye. so don't worry about where you are starting from xx
well still her had a quick peek at scales 4lb gone :) should help keep me motivated hoping to lose this weight by christmas then on holiday then got another 2.5/3stone left to lose when i get bk :( hoping by may next year i will be at my goal :)
Mini goals
Make it past wk 1
Lose ½ stone
Lose 1 stone
Make it past 1 month
Get lower than 200lbs
Drop a dress size
Lose 1 ½ stone

Hi scarymovie day 2 today and sticking with it... Hows your day 3 going ? I am finding it ok up to now I had to have 4 packs yesterday 3 shakes n 1 soup this kept me going will be doing same thing all this week if need to till i get into ketosis.. Good luck for today and looking forward to hearing how you are doing Linda x
glad u 2 doing good on day 4 now and im feeling great really need to drink more water though :( dont think ive hit 3 litres since i started so not good hubbys loving this diet as the house is spotless lol its amazing how much time you spend eating and when u dont do it its like wow i must have spent all day eating cos ive got loads of free time! hoping to lose my 48.5lbs by christmas then enjoy crimbo couldnt do this then love my crimbo dinner :) made myself a chart and stuck it on fridge has 48 smiley faces for the kids to colour in as i lose my pounds they like to help and did the same when there dad stopped smoking so this should also keep me motivated kids will b like come on when can i colour it in loloh well going 4 my 1st shake of the day linda when i do 1st week instead of 4 pks i eat a boiled egg or slice of chicken or ham its much cheaper than buying exante xx
well i must be very nearly or in ketosis didnt even want my shake this morning just didnt feel hungry :) had it anyway im programmed 10-2 and 6 so i dont 4 get and get hungry dont wanna snack so yipppeee well on my way to dropping this load of crap attached to my size 12 skeleton lol
Hi donna well done on reaching day 4 and its great your family are behind you all the way, I managed on 3 packs yesterday which i was very pleased with, I find that if I was to eat a piece of ham cheese or chicken instead of an extra pack I would not be able to control my eating I seem to be all or nothing. Keep up the good work girls we can do this
well day 5 :)
hi shkinny hope ur doing well today ye never thought of that and now come to think of it i have actually done it lol
today i feel great looking forward to fridays wi :) been doing 10mins here and there on exercise bike not sure how much exercise i can manage on this diet so to play it safe that will do its better than nothing was reading a post yesterday about making the tomato soup in to a sauce for bolognese and having it with salad leaves sounds like a lovely treat will try it in a wk or 2 but im quiet happy with the shakes at the mo got my bday in oct :( and were going out drinking it really is going to kill me getting in ketosis again so having second thoughts about drinking the meal i can have a mixed grill all protein so thats not a problem but ill think about this as it gets closer got till 21st
Day 4 today and all going well not in ketosis yet and by 5pm I was dying for my soup and no horrible mouth taste yet. I was getting a bit low on my fav mushroom soup so ordered 50 in the Exante Sale great bargain. I have been surprised at how easy it has been this time after so many restarts I think this time my head is really into the diet plus coming on here really helps and keeping in touch with you and hearing how you are doing really really helping me, and knowing Im just a day behind you is a great boost.. Well done on sticking with it and keep up the good work.. Like you I am happy with the shakes as they are and love the mushroom soup but only have the Asda bars as I was not keen on the Exante ones I sold them on Ebay hope to hear how your doing Linda x
i must say i prefer the asda bars exante ones are just about bearable lol i didnt get soup this time i like veg and chicken a lil chilli in lovely hate vanilla yuk but each to there own.I found if i peed on my ketostix in the morning it was pale but if i did it around 3/4 oclock they were darker ??? havent bought them this time
i like that ur only a day difference means we can get each other in to the mood lol what day u weighing in?? mines friday roll on friday i know a defo 5lbs gone he he had a peek but today i had 4 pks cos i had my 1st too early so had another at 7pm (usually when i make a butty) when i last did this i tried the biggest loser bars yuk and a bar from atkins but dont think i was allowed it cos it was the best thing ever so couldnt be allowed will have to find out lol
Atkins Endulge Milk Chocolate Crispy Bar - 30g Bar good luck 4 tommorrow
Hi Donna Day 5 today and all going well I am weighing in on Friday same as you but I havent had a sneaky weigh in yet, I hate the scales and dread weigh ins so only get weighed once a week. It is great we can do this together as it is great encouragement for each other.. Good luck for today and keep up the good work linda x

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