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Hi all Cambridge Dieters

I have restarted after the Christmas food fest every morning and not actually done 1 full day! If I don't stick to it this time I am going to seriously consider WW.

I am wasting money and getting frustrataed with myself too. Plus I have now gained 10 pounds.
I am so mad with myself, especially because I really belived I had this eating thing under control. In fact it's alarming how little control I actually have.

My team members are all back into the diet and I feel a failure, but I don't want to give in or I know I will regain all the weight I have lost so far.

Anyone restarting tomorrow who would like to join me for a bit of mutual butt kicking?? :wave_cry:
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I can do this.
hI wilma.. i restarted 1wk ago and it was hard for the first 4 days, i'm finally feeling good and i'm sure u will get back on track.... 1 day at a time. good luck.


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you aren't a failure wilma. you WILL do it. just grit your teeth, think about what you want to achieve and go for it. and if you get a really strong craving then don't move!! if you don't move you can't get food. ridiculous as it sounds, i actually did that for the first few days. that and had very long baths!! :D

abz xx


A pound at a time
I need to get back on too. I am glad I have not gained anything, but it makes me upset at myself that I am not at my goal yet. I should have been there months ago. I just keep putting it off and now I have to wait to see if I am pregnant before I can re-start. Blah
Hi Wilma,

Your situation seems too familiar! im re-starting tomorow without fail, i put 10lbs on over xmas and now feel really rubbish and my skin is awful too!


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Thanks ladies - I feel pretty determined about my restart tomorrow. Because of the gain I have about 3 stone left to lose. That gets me to under 12 stone. I am 5'9" on a good day so I will be happy at that.

Hope your test reults are what you want Anisah - but a pregnancy doesn't mean that you have to be overweight forever.

Thanks Abz - you always seem to say the right thing. X

And bikini - why don't we partner up and kick this weight off now?? We have about the same to lose - we can race LOL.
i with you this is my final restart starting stopping starting stopping doing my head in so tomorrow 100% regardless of how i feel


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I am feeling happier that I am not on my own with this. There are a few restarting tomorrow - we can support each other - it does make a difference


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Wilma you are not a failure, you know that I'm struggling as well. I did ok yesterday and not too bad today but I've not managed a week yet!!


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Ha Ha Tricia - I have just replied to you on our team 3 thread. X Thanks for the support - you are right - we can do it.


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Good thanks Abz. Had 1 1/2 CD meals and just cooking some fish to have with broccoli. It's the water I really have problems with - but at least I am on the diet! Good Luck with your WI


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Hi Wilma.

I'm with you on the difficult re start. It's doing my head in! I've even been and joined ww yest, but caved about an hour ago. I've had the worst headache known to man, worse than anything on CD so after painkillers that haven't worked, I've had some fattening food. I think it was a totm headache, but whatever it was, it was enough to make me cave.

I also got on the scales this morning & am up 2lb from yesterday! I know my body has to adjust to the new diet, but it's making me panic like crazy!!

So I'm seriously considering re starting CD for one last final time. Just to get off this last bit of weight, then in three weeks or so to go back to ww.

Arrrggghh!! Whoever said that the first time is the golden time is soooo right. It's so so hard to get back on after a break!!
i also am having trouble restarting ive gained for too much and am going to try to get back on it tomorrow. it is possible and we can all do it! instead of reaching for the sausage rolls and chocolate come on here and have a good ol' chat! good luck xxxx


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Hi - I have had a good day so far but it's from now on I have the biggest struggle. I have saved a tetra for later.

Put today behind you ZoBo and start again in the morning. I know what you mean about the first time! I was 100% without any trouble. I wish I had never had a break.

Good Luck delilah - I know the first few days are the worst so get them over with - by weekend we will be in ketosis land!

Come on ZoBo join us in there!
hi how are all the restarts doing, i have resisted so many things today fish and chips being the worst now cooking oh dinner sausage mash, really not happy head not good slowly sipping that water x
im ok (ish) thanks for asking but had a couple of onion ring crisps, i know bad me but i could not resist any longer it could have been a cream cake but it wasnt so i have hit myself hard and had my second shake of the day and drank a ton of water

hows everyone else????????????
hey you guys, so glad i read this thread because i was really feeling that i cannot do this!!!!!! struggling so much since xmas, feel poo, think it'll be easier next week as i'm away from home on a course and taking cd to the hotel with me, got some good books so will shut myself away after each training day with my tetra's!!!!!! well that's the plan.......and be really miserable so nobody invites me out for a drink lol!!!! I'm going to see the counsellor tomorrow and book for next week so hopefully that will help.....hope you all have had a good day xxxxxxxxxxx thanks for making me realise i'm not the only one...especially when other people tell me how easy they find it!!!! WTF????

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