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Finally cracked it NO CHEESE!


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
I have tried to do atkins so many times I can't count, I never lost any weight. I am here again, this time minus the cheese, guess what, I am finally going down, Yippeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. lost 2lb so far this week.

I knew I would get it eventually. You lot had said cheese stalls loss in some people, unforunately, I am one of them, I love my cheese, I will have loads when I get to target.

Roll on the bridesmaid dress!!!!!!!!:D
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Yes, although cheese is very low carb, we still have to bear in mind that it is also highly calorific - roughly 120 calories per 30g serving, and 30g for me is a tiny amount and I always end up having much more than that! So it is best eaten sparingly.

Same with double cream - 135 calories for 2 tablespoons - so beware when pouring it on your SF jelly - 2 tablespoons isn't a lot!

Well done on the weight loss!! :)
Well done!

I too love cheese and as a vegetarian Atkinser I rely on it. However I now severely limit it. Calories DO count, more for some of us than for others, and cheese is sky high in calories. Dairy products in general can stall weight loss. Some have no problems with cheese and can eat it in quantity but I certainly can't. So I now have a small portion every 2-3 days at the most.

And yes it is a small sacrifice in the great scheme of things. Good luck!
No you won't eat loads when you get to goal ............. cos you will be back on here as soon as blink ................ for the rest of your life you will have to moderate cheese !!! ( said i wasn't going to diet when i get to 70 )xx
Well done, so another one who's affected by cheese, I'm the same, even now I'm in maint I can gain easily if I eat too much cheese
well done on finding your achilles heel! (pity it's cheese though :( )

i still don't know what mine is. i have done the cutting out certain things for a week thing but not found it yet.
Some people stall or gain on one MIM a day! Others can eat three lol. Just the way our individual bodies react.

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