Finally Got The Guts.....

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Surfhunny, 9 October 2008 Social URL.

  1. Surfhunny

    Surfhunny Laugh in the face of food

    I've finally plucked up the courage to put my progress photo's in my album on here :eek:. I couldn't bring myself to take full body shots, so it's only my face. I hate the first ones but I was at a low time and had just made the decision to really do something about my weight. Won't ever look like that again.
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  3. Percy greenfingers

    Percy greenfingers Silver Member

    61lb WOW! You are looking really good and it's only taken you a couple of months. Keep going, can't wait to see the next pictures!
  4. xowee-shortieox

    xowee-shortieox Slowly Shrinking. Yay!!

    Wow!!! Great Work Hunny!
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  5. Surfhunny

    Surfhunny Laugh in the face of food

    To be honest I started at Slimming World at the beginning of Jan, but after lots of 1lb a week losses the slow progress got me down, so I switched to Cambridge in August and haven't looked back.

    SO MUCH TO LOSE! Must do it this time

    you look fab hun,fair play to you,
    elaine x
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  7. minime

    minime Gold Member

    Fantastic loss, piccies are fab, you're looking good, can't believe the difference in just your face.
  8. leeds123

    leeds123 Silver Member

    wow - u do look like a totally different person. LOVE theshot of you in south africa - i want those legs!!

    well done
  9. wannabeskinny

    wannabeskinny Silver Member

    well done you x
  10. shazzy

    shazzy Full Member

    Amazing results, that has given me the insipiration to go all the way with this diet. You must be so proud of yourself you clever girl.
  11. catznolan

    catznolan nearly there!! :)

    ur looking brill well done xxx if i have such a drastic change in the same amount of time as u ill be amazed xxx
  12. Surfhunny

    Surfhunny Laugh in the face of food

    :giggle:I want those legs back too, but I doubt that'll happen, they were the result of 10k runs on the beach every Sunday and god knows how many hours a week in the pool. Still I live in hope!:innocent0001::innocent0001::innocent0001:

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments, seeing the change has been such a boost to my confidence, and has made me realise that this diet is worthwhile and I'm not putting myself through it for nothing, everytime I feel like giving up I just look at the pics and it keeps me going!:D
  13. Pretika

    Pretika Silver Member

    Wow you look fab - well done !!

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