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Finally lost the fat blindness!!!

Well Im back after messing about with cd early this year.
I know its totally crazy but although I knew Im huge, wear massive clothes and can see that wopping number when I get on the scales, I still couldnt really see myself as that bad!!!!!!!
Who on earth am I kidding?!!
Was playing about with my phone last night and took a few pics of myself, OMG what a mess, I look like the people on all the weight loss surgery programmes, and I never thought I was THAT big:eek::eek: Thank goodness Ive finally seen the real me!
Now Ive got to get on and do this diet!!!

Ive kept one of the disgusting pics on my phone so if I have any more illusions that Im not too bad I can have a very real reminder that YES i am!!!!

Thinking of starting ss+ cause I struggled last time on ss, any advice welcome!
I will NOT be fat and 40 next july!!
Sorry for the long post!

Ellie xx
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Please kick my butt!!
Well done ellie. i'm a bit like you i've been living in denial since i was a teenager. i was always "happy" with my size. couldn't see how big i was in the mirror. didn't see it in pictures (coz i didn't have any taken) then i had a light bulb when i was pregnant with my second baby. very mornid thought but - when i'm gone they wont have any pictures of me and them to help them remember the good times we had.....more to the point if i dont do something abput my weight then that time is gonna come along sooner rather then later.
Sad i know but very true..
good luck on your CD journey. Remember it is kinda like a rollercoster ride full of ups and downs but eventually it will end and we are all gonna be there to cheer at the end....xoxox
Hi Ellie, no real advice to give but wanted to say welcome and good luck on your journey x


Enjoyin' my journey....
Hi Ellie - similar story to yours, and after years in denial started CD 2 weeks ago. I chose SS+ - 3 CDs and a 200 calorie meal in the evening. I find having dinner to look forward too helps immensly, especially as I can plan and have something to buy when getting in the shopping for the family. I know SS only would not work as well for me. I have lost 13lb in 13 days - fairly easy journey so far, and I haven't found it boring (which has amazed me!). Checking into this forum for 20 minutes or so has also really helped me keep focussed and on track. Good luck. Keep us posted on progress. Tx


One day at a time!
Welcome back and good luck - you will soon see pictures you can be proud of! Know exactly what you mean about "fat blindness" - I was also afflicted - but no longer:)
Thank you Ellie for posting this wonderful revelation you have spurred me on to stop burying my head in the sad and breath in a huge chunk of reality. I read this in the office and am now sitting here with a huge grin on my face as it finally dawned on me this this is my problem too. I have spent far too long thinkin I am not that bad and there are plently of people bigger and worse off than me which is true but that doesnt consoke me anymore and it is high time i did something about it.

So thank you for pulling the wool from my eyes and good luck to you on your journey.


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