Finally Managed to get through Day 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I know most of you have been on this diet for absolutely ages, but for me getting through the 1st day without cheating is a major achievement as I've never managed it before. I always cheat and then give up by day 3!! This time I really feel like I'm in the zone:clap:
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Well done! It is difficult but once your in the zone its much easier :) x


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Well Done! I am on day 3 after 2 very hard days. I just keep thinking of all the nice clothes i'am going to buy when i get to goal. Keep drinking the water it does help. If the weather allows will go to the shops tomorrow to pass time and see what my treat will be when i get to goal ,which i know i will.


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well done,im on day 4 now and im not feeling hungey at all, keep drinking the water:),it helps with hunger pangs


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Well done Sam and Megan for getting through day 1, you guys can do this! xx