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Finally out of hospital!

So i had my ankle operation on Tuesday, and came out today. I'm in this giant heavy plaster and have been told to be totally non weight bearing on crutches for 6 weeks and then a further 6 weeks of "partially" weight bearing. This means I am totally helpless as I can't wash on my own, can't get my own drink or make my own food etc. My fiancé is at work during the day so I just have to lie in bed hobbling to the loo occasionally which is not easy when you're my size in crutches. OH has been good today as he's off making me breakfast and lunch etc but it's hard to make sure he's following the right slimming world rules when cooking. Plus I can't even stand on the weighing scales for 3 months and even if I could, this plaster must weigh at least a stone so I will have no idea if I'm losing or gaining weight till October! Eek! Fingers crossed I don't go off the rails!
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Aww, I remember having my arm in plaster and it was a nightmare. Can't you use your crutches to get to the kitchen and make some lunch etc? You'll get bored in bed hun. See if you can use time productively - when I was off I sold loads on ebay, get your bf to take pics then you can list everything and he can post.

Also... the weight of cast isnt going to change for 6 weeks, so take the plunge, stand one legged on scales and weigh yourself, that way you won't go off track.

Good luck lovely x
I had foot surgery ( plates screws and bone grafts ) in Jan and was also on crutches
Give it a week or so and I promise things will seem easier
My best tip is to get a small rucksack
It leaves your hands free to walk from kitchen to living room etc
You can use it to carry things up and down stairs etc
Get a cheap / spare kettle and set up a tray hotel style in the living room
Saves trying to carry hot tea / coffee from room to room
Keep as mobile as possible you have a risk of DVT if you don't. Every hour make sure you move about
The better your blood low the quicker your bone heals!!
Keep a mobile phone with you ---- especially in the first week or so
Don't lock the bathroom door .......

Hope all goes well
Forget SW until you are well.

I do not mean go mad . I mean do not worry if OH is not following it to the letter. Be a bit relaxed about it.

Do the best that you can.You can do no more.
The most important thing is to heal well and be well for when you are in control again.

hugs xxxxxx
Is it one leg that is in plaster or both? You only need to be non-weight bearing on the one in plaster, I cant think of anything that you would need *both* to be non weight bearing for, although Im open to suggestions - in fact it's a good thing to keep as mobile as possible to maintain a good blood flow for repair, avoiding clotting and to guard against osteoporotic problems. As well as to keep your calorie usage up!

Also if you can't use your legs at all they have to provide you with a carer to wash and dress, toilet, prepare your food for you and other such essentials for short period each day. They may also provide you with a wheelchair to help you around if its going to be like this for some time. Also if there are stairs to your toilet and you cant use both legs you need a commode. You can hire all this stuff if they dont provide it. When I was a med student I got run over and almost lost one leg entirely, I had transplants, bone & skin grafts, screws, plates, the works, spent 4 months in hospital, six in a wheelchair - so I got to know the ins and outs! :D It will seem really really tough now and you have my sympathy but I promise in a while things will look up. :)

Most stuff is pretty easy to do on one leg when you get used to it :) I know the plaster is heavy but seriously you do get used to it and you will soon be bored out of your mind at sitting down all day! :(

I agree with the posts above, get your OH to prep you a little easy-area where you have the necessities to hand - kettle, toaster, fruit bowl - Even a mini fridge maybe! :) You could plan what meals you want the next few days and what you will need and he could leave all the ingredients/utensils for the day nearby when he leaves in the morning and you could prep it yourself. Or maybe get him to chuck it in a slow cooker for you or make things that can be eaten cold, although Im sure within a week you'll be hopping along in the kitchen no problem! :D

Also agree on the weight of the cast/crutches - they're not going to change so you can still compare week to week :) Good luck, and get well soon! x :)
Thanks for all your suggestions everyone. It is just one leg in plaster so I can put the other leg down but its exhausting using the crutches when you're nearly 19 stone although I am trying to move around as much as I can. Because I need both hands on my crutches at all times it means i can't carry anything. So even if I could make my lunch in the kitchen I couldn't carry it to the table or the sofa. I have got my OH to put the fruitbowl, my box of cereal bars and some bottled water on a table next to the sofa. I have found a rucksack to allow me to carry some stuff whilst still using the crutches. So far I've been quite good as I have been making up packets of couscous in Tupperware pots and then once the lid is on I can carry it in my rucksack to the sofa and have that for lunch. I have made a list of sw friendly meals for my OH to make for dinner and he's doing really well but I can't be sure he's totally sticking to the recipes as he's a bit of a novice in the kitchen! Lol!
Sounds good to me.

You will be fine and 19 stones will soon whittle down to whatever you want it to be.
See if you can hire a trolley from a mobility store. You should be able to get one that you can hop round with and will mean you can move things without a backpack.
Looks like Homer's eating your foot. Nom nom nom.
So far I've been quite good as I have been making up packets of couscous in Tupperware pots and then once the lid is on I can carry it in my rucksack to the sofa and have that for lunch.

Ah there you go, brilliant idea, you're sorted. :) You could use flasks and stuff to move hot coffee or soup or hot meals about too. Or couldn't you pop a chair in the kitchen and eat there? I dont know, if your kitchen's anything like mine thats not the most pleasant idea :D

Anyway, glad youre getting things sorted x :)


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Just wanted to add that I hope you get better soon!

I broke my ankle in December, and it was an absolute nightmare.

I was a similar weight to you and moving from the front room to the kitchen got me hot and sweaty using the bloody crutches!

Plenty of rest, and thanks to your OH!

Mine was an absolute godsend. We have 2 children too so I'd have been in absolute meltdown if he hadn't been as fantastic as he was!

Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery xx
Have to say that when this bleeding plaster cast finally come off in October I'd better have lost some weight! Ive been SO good because I can't just walk to the fridge and get a snack when I want one. My OH has been making me SW friendly lunch boxes before he goes to work and putting them in the cool bag next to the sofa (see pic). Just frustrating as I can't weigh in. I tried standing on the scales on one leg but it wouldn't recognise it as I think you have to have two feet down for it to be stable. Ho hum. Just hope lying on the sofa for nearly 3 months doesn't scupper me in terms of activity levels.


hi beckybunny i have just pm'd u but have found ur diary so thought i would say hi on here, god ur plasters got to stay on a long time gonna have to read from beginning to see what u've done u'll end up with a skinny leg lol good luck xx
Just thought I'd update this thread as I had my fibreglass plaster cast off finally yesterday after 7 weeks. Now I've got a walking boot that is twice as heavy but at least I can take it off for a bath and to sleep. The last time I had this op in 2007 I put on 3 stone whilst I was "bed bound" for 3 months because i went from being really active to lying down all day and someone had to cook for me who didnt understand the SW plan. I was SO worried about that happening again this time so I made my fiancé learn all about SW and only ordered "on plan" snacks and things from tesco. I managed to stand on the scales this morning and I haven't put on a single pound in my 7 weeks of total non activity! Woo! Haven't lost anything either but hey! Am hoping that now I am back at work, albeit in the boot with the crutches still, the extra activity will help me start losing again. I have only 13 months till my wedding day and I need at least 5 stone off! Eek!



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Hi Beckybunny,

Well done on the planning and the STS. That is brilliant :). Hope you continue to mobilise well. Gail x

Gail x

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