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Finally - proof my body has been deliberately messing with me all of these years!

So, I'm a daily weigher - lot's of reasons why including the fact that I just like to keep an eye on things.

Am also on day 20 of 100%, not a single cheat (not a boast - I honestly haven't felt the need to) and I've even being managing to get down 2-3ltrs of water a day.

Scales haven't shifted at all for the last 5 days. :confused:

Now, I'm currently monitoring my basal body temp because am thinking about TTC sometime next year and wanted to be able to hit the ground running (as it were); interestingly (to me at least!), this STS scale session has occurred with this month's ovulation :rolleyes:

Now, I've always been aware that I put on at least half a stone of water-bloat with my TOTM, but I didn't realise I was also doing it when my ovaries were popping (though thinking about it it makes sense.)

Am now thinking back to all those times in the past I've got on the scales and unexpectedly found that I weighed more than I thought - my own body has been sabotaging me!

Anyway, I thought I'd put my little discovery down here on the forum (though I'm sure it's been mentioned before) to give all the other females a bit of reassurance and potential cause of a STS weigh-in despite all your hard-work in sticking to the diet!

[It also occurs to me that when I do start TTC, my OH is going to be hearing the phrase "Honey, I'm starting to feel bloated. Come give me some special lovin'." :cool: I'm such a catch...]
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I'm in week 3 and also stressing about not losing anything this week. My baby days are over so I just find this annoying. Week finishes on Thursday so I'm hoping to get something off by then.
i'm the same.... can be annoying and a little dis-heartening when you know youve been really good but it seems to take ages for the numbers on the scales to go down....
I think actually that I may break my own resolve to weigh every day because I now know that the numbers aren't going to be moving at all for the next two weeks because of my body doing a camel impression...

... though of course, that means that in a few weeks when the TOTM has TTFO, there is going to be a massive loss.

Which can only be a good thing!

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