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Finally push to target, sometimes need a kick up the bum!

I've been hovering around my 5st award for about 5 weeks now with out actually getting it (did go away for a week).
I do mainly original days.
I want to lose 3lb this week to get me over that line.
Today I had
Greek yogurt, special K granola HEB, Raspberries and honey 1syn.
A skinny cappuccino 3 syns
Lunch was celery topped with laughing cow blue cheese, fruitopolis cherry 1/2 syn and sugar free jelly 1/2 syn.
Snack Muller light with options coconut 1 1/2 syns, 30g cheese.
Dinner chicken stir fry, cauliflower rice and sweet chilli sauce 1 syn.
Then it went wrong.....
Brought some mikado never tried them before and .....ending up eating the whole 2 boxes!!
So today too many syns!

Have planned tomorrow food, and having an EE day for a change.
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Nice to have a lie in this morning, but as it is because I've got my colleagues funeral to go to that's definitely makes it sad.

So posting my planned diary for the day,
Breakfast 2 ww sausages for a syn, mushrooms, spaghetti hoops, leeks.
Lunch pulled bbq chicken, salad and a little pasta, and 1 syn salad dressing. Sugar free jelly 1/2 syn and Muller light.
Dinner roasted aubergine, homemade tomato sauce, parmesan HEA. Raspberries, 0% Greek yogurt and a syn of honey.
Snacks 2 alpen lights HEB and a shape yogurt for 1/2 a syn.
Total 4 syns, 1196 calories. (Doing both)

And just stepped on my scales which said 12st 6 which according to my consultants scales that would be my 5st and my weigh in isn't until Monday. :)

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Well got held up so scratch the dinner above now having a mugshot and HEA cheddar, and 1.5 syn sushi. :)

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Thursday's diary
Breakfast raspberries, granola heb, 0% Greek yogurt 1 syn of honey
Lunch homemade bbq chicken salad with a syn of dressing.
Dinner last bit of bbq chicken and hea cheese (just wasn't hungry)
Snacks, 2 alpen lights heb, celery with laughing cow light blue cheese, shape crumble yogurt 1/2 syn, jelly 1/2 syn, fruitopoplis yogurt 1/2 syn, cereal bar 3 syns
Total 6.5 syns 1146 calories and a headache :(

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Breakfast- 2 ww sausages for a syn, bacon, mushrooms, spring onions and spaghetti hoops.
Lunch- out with my friend and her kids was meant to be nandos so I planned 5 1/2 syn meal......then the kids wanted to go somewhere else. Not on syns online. Has seafood noodle stir fry, no idea on actual syns :(
Dinner will be HEA cheese and HEB ryvita and possibly a yogurt.

Not calorie counting for now....

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Breakfast was 0% Greek yogurt, raspberries, a syn of honey and special k granola.
Lunch was chicken curry and rice from real food market at South bank asked what was on it and it would be free.......but I'm airing on the side of caution.
Dinner was celery topped with laughing cow 2 light blue cheese, and 15g cheddar. And a small slice of Mum's birthday cake for the rest of my syns!!

Also walked around London for 5 hours!! Talk about body magic!!

Breakfast was half a batch of magic pancakes, with half a Muller light, raspberries and mango.
Lunch was seafood salad 1 syn for dressing. Half syn cake (but put 5 syns of options indulgence white chocolate and cut cake into 5 slices so 1 syn.
Snack was 2 mikado 2 syns
Dinner is 4 laughing cow light celery and 2 Finn crisp for half heb. And a slice of my cake for 1 syn.

Taking me to 5 syns for the day!
Weigh in is tomorrow and I really want my 5st award!!! Need to lose 2lbs this week!

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Weigh in yesterday
Lost a pound.

Green day
Breakfast raspberries, 0% Greek yogurt, special K granola heb and a syn of honey.
Snack apricots and almonds heb
Lunch cheese salad HEA with a syn of dressing
Snack HEA cheese
Dinner sushi 1 1/2 syn, cake 1 syn, 2 of my brownies for 3 syns

Treat night - slice of my Mum's birthday cake.
Ending the day on 7 1/2 syns plus treat.

Following green plan this week for a bit of variety. Still need 1lb for my 5st award!!!!!
Found out I've been nominated for woman of the year!!! And am the only nominee who qualifies to go through to the next round!! :)
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