finally taking control of my body

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  1. elm

    elm Silver Member

    Hi, I'm new here. I'm 21, I've always been overweight. When I was 15, my dad got me a personal trainger $960 for 36 sessions which I would go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I ate only healthy food. I lost 25 pounds in those 3 months and then after those sessions, I quit.

    Now I'm at 270 pounds and I'm only 5'7. Yesterday was my first day of dieting and it went pretty well.

    This is just something I can come back to and write on instead of eating junk food. I'll try to come back once a week for the weigh in.

    My long term goal is to lose 140 pounds total, I will accomplish this. I do want to get down to 247 by dec 25th.
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  3. truehoneybuns

    truehoneybuns Member

    Hey congrats on deciding to take control! It's always the hardest step in my opinion. I know exactly where you're coming from, I was 264.5 at my highest weight and barely 5'5. I've started so many weight losses, at one point I was down to 200 - don't know why I stopped, but I did.

    I think it's a great idea to write on here instead of eating junk and have you decided how you plan to lose your weight? Are you on a plan of any sort?

    Good luck
  4. elm

    elm Silver Member

    Thank you truehoneybuns, it was finally the right step to take. My plan is just to eat healthy, I started on Saturday and its already Monday and I bought a workout video that's having me walk 4 miles a day in less than an hour.


    Day 3

    Last night on day 2, I was craving so much junk food but glad my family supports this and now we only have healthy food in the house.

    I need to stop wanting to weight myself. I did it again yesterday 7 times and today once and it says I lost 3 lbs. I only want to weigh myself once a week so I don't get too excited or too disappointed. I'll have my sister hide the scale.

    Now its time to eat breakfast and continue with my day. Its raining, so I can't do much outside. But I do have school and going to support a friend on her short horror film that she made, hundreds of people will be there. Then I'll come home and work out.

    I can do this.
  5. syren

    syren from FAT to FIT

    good for you hun ! i wish i had that kind of support when I was your age. I'm 40 now and if I had the courage and will power to have changed my life back when I was 21 I'm pretty sure my life would have been drastically different. I would be a much more confident, secure and happier individual today.

    Good luck to you ! and yes , you can do this :)
  6. elm

    elm Silver Member

    Syren, thank you for your kind words. Its never too late to change. You can still be happy.


    Day 4

    Last night I went to dinner with my second mom (ex boyfriends mom and me and her are best friends) I got a meal that was 380 calories and it filled me up, finally a meal that I wasn't hungry after.

    She is also losing weight. I'm proud of her, she lost almost 40 lbs in 3 months. I asked her how, she told me she eats whatever she wants...cookies, burgers, basically all junk food but she stays under 1500 calories a day and she still drink 1 soda a day and does walk when she can.

    I'm sort of jealous, because here I am eating healthy food that doesn't fill me up and I don't like that food at all. She told 'you'll never stick to your diet if you don't eat the food you want and love' which makes me confused on what I should do.

    Do I still eat healthy and workout or do I eat what I love but under 1200 a day and continue to work out. Hmmm...

    So far I have not cheated once and no cravings. I cannot wait for Saturday to be here so I can wight myself and see how much I lost.
  7. Agabean

    Agabean Member

    Re: Re: finally taking control of my body

    I used to have the same problem, healthy food didn't feel like it filled me up because I wasn't satisfied. But stick with it and let your body adjust to the food change. After two weeks you wont miss junk food anymore, it will become "the food you love", and you'll have a lot more energy :)
  8. truehoneybuns

    truehoneybuns Member

    I know what you're both talking about, but from my experience of falling on and off track so many times I've decided that this time I will incorporate treats... In the end let's say you were to have a hamburger and a cookie in one day, they would take a MASSIVE proportion of your daily calorie intake and you could eat so much more healthy food, that you will probably be more full eating healthily. But I think it's important not to starve yourself of the things you love, maybe allocate one day a week where you can have your fav food.. not in excess but enough to enjoy and savour the taste. I always find that when I starve myself of the things I love, I fall off track with a binge and end up eating the foods I loved but didn't have the whole time I was dieting ALL THE TIME & put all the weight back on. But then again everyone's different, just try and strike up your own balance sweetie!

    Hope you have a good day!
  9. The Journey

    The Journey Full Member

    Hi there.
    I think as to eating healthy vs. eating what you like in moderation there is a balance.
    Eating healthy most of the time is ideal because it will boost weight loss, make you healthier and also healthy foods should fill you up more because there are generally less calories for a big portion of healthy foods.
    At the same time I think your friend is partially right, you probably won't stick to a diet if you can NEVER eat any of the foods you like.
    I usually get "rebellious" on those kind of diets and decide I want to eat ice-cream or whatever so I will :p
    I think the trick is having one or two cheat meals a week where you eat whatever it is you want, in moderation.

    There are loads of different kinds of healthy foods though so you should be able to find at least a couple things you really like, no?
    Either way like others have said just keep pushing through and I think your taste buds will start to change :D

    Best of luck to you! x
  10. elm

    elm Silver Member

    Day 6

    I've been doing pretty well. But for some reason I keep waking up late which makes me miss out on my working out because I have school and by the time I get home, the whole family is home and I don't want to workout when they are home. It makes me uncomfortable which is odd to say because we have a gym down stairs, basically my dad bought everything that a gym has when I was 15 and I barely use it. I love having a big clean house, it makes working out at home better for me.

    Tomorrow I plan on waking up and weight myself. Yay finally the weigh in after one week. And then I will do my 10 mile jog which I'm excited for. I never would have thought that I would be excited to work out.

    I did have 2 slices of pizza though but overall with my eating healthy and working out when I can, it shouldn't hurt me too much.

    My dad made a joke that everytime I lose 25 pounds, he will give me $1000 which sounds pretty good to me so we made that deal since I'm a college student and hey $1000 sounds amazing.

    I need to quit smoking. I've been smoking since I was 13 (no the parents did not know until I was 17). But you hear all the time that when people quit smoking, they gain weight. So I think I want to lose the weight first, and then battle with the smoking.

    I also need to learn to drink more water. It just seems like I forgot to do that.

    My friends, family, and the guy I'm in love with are all supportive. Which brings me to the topic of me missing my guy a lot even though we talk a lot and webcam as well. He's a Marine and is stationed in San Diego, California which is about 1500 miles away from me but hopefully he'll come visit his family for christmas and I can go see him since if he does visit them, then that's only a 4 hour drive to see him.

    Sigh. I just need to focus on me for now.

    I hope I lost atleast 4lbs this first week.

    Good luck to everyone.
  11. elm

    elm Silver Member

    Day 7

    I woke up to my phone going off only to find an email from my professor saying I still have a 100% in class and because of that, I do not have to attend class today. Yay no 8am-10am class but now I'm wide awake.
    I'm about to put my phone down to go weigh myself and come back to it and write on here how much I lost.

    And the result? I am now 263. So 7lbs in one week which is pretty amazing due to my pmsing the 5 out of 7 of those days and didn't even have no chocolate. Yes! Today seems like an amazing day.

    And off to the doctors I go and to treat myself for my weigh and grades in college, I shall workout and do my 10 mile jog as a treat to myself!

    Have a good day all.
  12. elm

    elm Silver Member

    Day 8

    Why does it seem like this time dieting, is actually much easier than when I've done it before. Maybe its because I finally want it so bad that I will lose it and be in good shape. Yes, I guess that's the reason. I want this bad.

    18 pounds till my mini goal is complete before dec 25th. I just now decided that if I complete this goal, my next one will be to lose 25 pounds by feb 1st. So 50 pounds in almost 3 months. Maybe its a big goal but I'll take it one goal at a time.

    Its very cold outside. My dinner is almost done so I can eat. Last night at midnight, my mom was still up so she decided to do the workout with me. She only made it to 1 mile out of four, I had fun. She's still in good shape but it gave me a good feeling that when she stopped, I continued to finish. I think tonight I shall take a break and do a 4 mile workout in the morning.

    2 more days of classes, and then a thanksgiving break for 5 days...yes 5 days of no school!

    Good luck to all.
  13. elm

    elm Silver Member

    Day 9

    it is 5 27 in the morning. Around 3 I could not go to sleep for some reason, so I decided to do my 5 mile workout. Just got out the shower, feeling sore but pretty amazing as well.

    This week I'm hoping to get 20 more miles in before Saturday morning.

    Oh my, I really do not want to go to class today but after this day, just one more day and then a 5 day break. Instead of eating like crazy on thanksgiving day, I will still eat but no more than 1200 calories.

    For some reason, I am happy but unsure why. Instead of questioning it, I'll just accept it and continue being happy.
  14. stacy87

    stacy87 Silver Member

    I completely get what you mean with this! I find this time it doesn't seem quite as much of a struggle as it has in the past. I think you're right - I think that when you're mind is completely set on doing it, it doesn't seem as bad, because you're so determined. Whereas before, if you're heart/mind hasn't been 100% ready to do this, it makes it all that harder to avoid the temptations.

    Well done on your 7lb loss!
  15. elm

    elm Silver Member

    Day 10

    Did my 5 miles work out. 15 more to do before Saturday is my goal which I will reach.

    I'm feeling really sore. I should probably atleast give myself 1 day of resting. But if I do that, then I'll feel bad. I don't know, I'll see how my body is feeling.

    I'm pleased to say that I'm still eating healthy. I think I need to eat more though and drink more water.
  16. elm

    elm Silver Member

    Still on Day 10

    I keep thinking too much. Basically about what will be going on in 2011, which I know is still a long way from here.

    I have a lot of things that will be going on in march, april, and may. But may 1st (my 22nd birthday), I'm wondering to myself what is my overall weight to lose by that day.

    I'm giving myself a headache, and its only 8 36 in the morning. I need a nap before class.
  17. Miss_Kassy

    Miss_Kassy Silver Member

    Good Luck Elm. You can do it!!!!!!!!

    You have the power of youth on your side too.

    Keep us posted xxx
  18. elm

    elm Silver Member

    Oh I wish I came here and read what I wrote to make myself now eat all that food. Blah. I had a bad day on day 10 and at one point I just said forget it and ate and I've been mad at myself for doing that.

    Day 11

    Well more like it just turned to day 11 since its 2 05 in the morning. Just found out my guy will be on leave from the Marines and visiting on feb 11 for 2 weeks which now motivated me even more to lose as much as possible. See, he's in very good shape, he has to be...and when I see him, I don't want to be too uncomfortable standing next to him. And I'll be meeting his parents (who are very fit) for the first time.

    So since I can't sleep, I shall go workout now and my goal is to do more than 5 miles. I'll be working out daily, hopefully more than once a day.

    Saturday is my weigh in, and I don't know why I'm not that excited for it. I know weight doesn't come off as fast as I want it to, but I'll just have to work harder. I have to.

    From now on, I'm coming back on here instead of running to food.
  19. Miss_Kassy

    Miss_Kassy Silver Member

    Thats the spirit! You'll be able to get a fair bit of by February, try and stay strong and focus on that man of yours hehe.

    If you fall off the wagon don't beat yourself up about it as it will get you down and the likley hood that you will turn to food to feel better is higher.

    Defo come here anytime you feel like you are struggling. It really does help.

    YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!! :)

  20. elm

    elm Silver Member

    Thank you Miss Kassy for your words, they do mean a lot to me.

    Its now 4 15 still in the morning. I did billy blanks bootcamp video, and oh my did it hurt the stomach area a lot, but it made me realize that I can do most of it. I also did the 4 mile workout video. Now time for shower and since its raining, I'm hoping I will be able to fall a sleep. I also want to do some more work out today.

    Tomorrow I want to do the billy blanks tae bo cardio. Just looking at it scares me. But I can and will do this.
  21. Hope123

    Hope123 Full Member

    Hey elm, just read ur diary and you are right about it being easier this time round....ur doing so well, congrates on ur 7lb loss and stay strong... :)

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