Finding it hard


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I'm struggling today. I'm on SS, it's all going well, great weight loss in just 3.5 weeks etc.

I know I'm not phycically hungry but I am seriously craving food. I'm really missing it already, I'd love a trip to the Harvester for a chicken & bacon stack, jacket potato & side salad, even some toast is tempting! I'm finding it really hard right now & despite great weight loss am feeling really low :(
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Oh hugs - honey - I'm having a low day too and fighting the urge to stuff myself senseless!

The cravings will pass - they're only supposed to last 15 mins so get busy - clean out your cupboards or go have a bath or paint your nails or read a good book or go rent a funny dvd or anything to pamper yourself and take your mind off food.

Have a look on ebay or somewhere of all the lovely clothes you're going to be able to fit into once you're smaller.

Have a look at the photogallery of all the brilliant success stories of others who have felt exactly the same as you do but have managed to battle through the low times.

Hope you feel better really soon!


With you both on the bad day thing!
Distraction is the key i guess.....

lokking for clothes on internet is fab redoute have great online sale at mo, i went a bit bonkers yesterday! Oopppps....x

Good luck....happy sunday...:rolleyes:


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Great advice as usual Isobel, think the main problem is weekends for most of us.

The cravings will pass and when you dont give in to them it makes you feel great very soon.

I really know how you feel,you arent alone in how you feel right now but sometimes it can feel like that, keep on here hun, the arcade is great to push all thoughts out your head.

Your losses are great, keep thinking of that and eyes firmly on the goal.

We are here for ya x


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Thanks everyone. I really do feel low, I could quite easily cry. There is a lot of not so good things going on right now & that's making it that bit harder. I've been struggling for a few days now, I cant get that chicken & bacon stack out of my head!


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Anna - if you went and had one, you would feel worse. Trust me! Been there and got that t-shirt!!

At least you're sad now for other stuff and not because you've also broken your diet. Not much consolation, I know - but when I'm low, every little helps!


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Oh yes - scrabble blast gets me through some dark moments!!! lol

LOL....a fellow Scrabble Blaster!!!! It's that or eat my hand sometimes:eek: :D


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Hi, I'm on week 3 have have struggled on some days. I tried drinking loads of water (to the point of feeling sick) then went and did something (anything). I even went to bed at 7pm one night - at least I wouldn't crave asleep. it did work and this weekend the cravings haven't been so bad. I do sympathise though - but you will feel worse if you give in now ;-)