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Finding it really hard today

Aww be strong lois you know you can do this. Im feeling a bit low today too I think it might be the cold weather. But tomorrow is my 15th weigh in and then I will only have 7 weeks to go and some how it sounds quite doable xxx
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Echo Daisy, I think it must be the weather - I have been starving all day and am still suffering now. It's my 11th WI tomorrow, with 5 weeks to go... and although another 5 weeks seems like SUCH a long time now, it doesn't seem 5 mins since I was on day 4 like you, so believe me that time DOES fly!
I been lucky too coz since I started a new job the days fly by so fast so I know I just need to keep strong and I will get to the end of this journey. xx


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I was like that yesterday, which was also day 4 of me getting back on track. Didn't help that I had a cold starting, got toothache and also, following on from 2 courses of antibiotics, ended up with the dreaded thrush :( Was starving hungry all day and ended up going to bed very early last night. Been tired today, but coped a lot better without food. Have also managed a deep purple ketostick tonight which I was very pleased to see.

Stay strong and you will get into deep ketosis which will help make it all easier again.

You too Daisy. Well, I know you won't crack - you've come to far, but cyber ((hugs)) for feeling low.

Hi Hun
I'm also on day four today so I know what you're going through! Hopefully you're on the cusp of ketosis and your hunger will settle - I have to say I find the peppermint tea fantastic I feel like it's a mini meal throughout the day and it gets my water intake up ! I was just at conference surrounded by gorgeous chocolate iced muffins and had to leave early as everyone else went off for a four course meek - now that was hard - to come back to a lonely hotel room on my own and make my chicken soup but a quick look in the mirror at my thighs and ugly wobbly bits and I was absolutely fine again - think little black dress at Christmas party and suddenly the muffins don't seem too appetizing !
Thanks ladies, it's good to know we are all facing these battles together.

I've managed to stick it and I'm hoping tomorrow is a better day- weigh in day as well! Xx
Hi bat...I haven't been online long enough to read everyones posts this last week.....only to put in my own moans and groans. Hope today is a better day for you. You must be back in ketosis now or very nearly. keep going girl you can do it.

I agree it must be the weather, you've done well not to give in......big hugs xx

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