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Finding it 'too easy'?


This is the last time!!
G: 12st7lb
Hi all, this is my first post although I have been reading for a while. I started SS on Tuesday, and so far have not found it hard at all. Excellent you may say, but this worries me a bit because everyone I speak to says what a hard thing it is to stick to etc.
Am I setting myself up for a fall, or do some people find it easier than others?
I did my wee test this morning and I am in Ketosis, I'm drinking a good 4 litres of water a day, I am spacing my shakes out (8am, 2/3pm and 7.30pm) and I feel good, maybe a little tired in the evenings but that isn't a bad thing as it means I am sleeping really well.
Do you think that mind over matter pays an important part? I am absolutely determined to succeed, I have a few important goals within the next 6 months that make me crave this weightloss.
Looking forward to hearing what you think.
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Will be slim!!!!!!!
hey, congrats on doing so well already! yeah like you i found it very easy really but didnt really say anything as a lot of people find it hard, i think mind over matter is the key to this diet and deffo plays a part in being focused!


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I think my 1st week was easy and like Jax said its mind ove matter!!! If your determined it will be easy and the time your on the diet will fly by xxxx


Step away from the chips!
Firstly, glad its going well for you!

I can only speak personally, But in the first week i only had 1 day of feeling "rough" and was in Ketosis by the end of day 1. That helped immensely, because i know for others the first week can be a bit hellish.

It certainly helps hugely that you have your head totally in the right place for doing this. I think your frame of mind and your personal motivations have a very important role to play.

Again speaking personally, and i was just discussing this with someone last weekend, i have found CD much easier than i ever imagined. Dont get me wrong, i'm in my 11th week now and i've had a few wobbles but they've been more to do with crises of confidence and "head stuff". However i've been able to deal with them more rationally & efficiently than i ever would have believed myself able.

I'm not saying i've found CD easy, but i have found it easier than any other method by which i've tried to lose weight in the past. Of course that could be because i'm in the right place to do it, mentally.

I think you're starting off with such a great attitude & positivity. All i would say is be prepared for the possibilty that there may be days when you dont feel so good about it. Its how you handle those days that may be key to keeping on track & keeping that focus that you so obviously have now.

Wishing you loads of success, i'm sure you'll do well x


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I know exactly how you feel hun, the only problem I had in my first week was a slight headache on one day and that was it, it just seemed so simple! I think it's good when you find it that easy I think it shows you are in the right frame of mind to lose the weight (well done girlie!!!:D) longterm.
The only warning I will give you is just because it seems easy in the first week doesn't mean it will always be that way, those cravings have a habit of sneaking up on you when you least expect them. What you have to remember is that is all they are, Cravings, and you are in charge not them.
Well done on getting this far hun you're doing well and welcome to minimins....you'll love us before long we're fabulous!!!:D
Hey.. I only read your original post so if I have duplicated what anyone has said my apologies... but I too found CD very very easy.... but please DO NOT think that just because you found it easy the first time that you will be able to hop off and hop back on as easy the next time.... ie DO NOT CHEAT :D:D:D

I feel very strongly that the first time doing a diet like this is the best time especially if you are feeling in the zone!!

Well done and keep going you are doing fab :D:D:D

Gen xxx


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ha. i personally found the first week horrendous so finding it easy is definately a cause for celebration :D i can only mirror what others have said though and warn against dropping off. i've heard the second time around can be a nightmare!!

abz xx
Hi, I found first 10 days really really easy, lost 7 lb. Then had 3 nights where cheated and the second wi stayed the same. Was naughtly once the week after and lost another 7 lb. Cheated 3 times again week after and stayed the same. Been on 810 this week, and stuck to it so hoping the scales tom will show a loss. Hoping for 3lb!! We shall see.

Good luck xx


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
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CD is definitely more about your frame of mind, motivation and determination. Head stuff plays a huge part in it.

With me I find that when your in the zone you're feeling wonderful and CD is easy - cos we're not daily battling with hunger.

But as someone said, beware, those cravings hide and can pounce outta no where (and be completely random!!) and so long as you keep your mind/ head focused you'll beat them and CD will remain easy.

Delighted your getting on so well :):)
Its great to keep others positive too :)


This is the last time!!
G: 12st7lb
Thanks so much for all of your positive comments. I went to see the cdc earlier to change some shakes (toffee and walnut and butterscotch don't rock my boat!) and she asked if I wanted to sneak on the scales so I did and they say I have lost 7lbs in 4 days so that is good to know. Official weigh in is on Monday.
I have no intentions of dropping off or attempting to cheat....I am 'in the zone' as they say! My hubby is currently away, I only have my little boy to cook for, and all of my closest friends are supportive (well, to my face anyway!).
I have really noticed that my sense of smell regarding food has gone hyper mad though. I don't want food, I am not hungry, but the smell of it literally makes my mouth water!
Yesterday in work someone was leaving and brought in a platter of various pastries, cakes etc, and I swear, my eyes welled up when I saw them, but I gritted my teeth and served one up to everyone else, I didn't even lick my fingers, and when there were some left over, I took them straight upstairs for the office up there to have.
I'm slightly concerned my dog may need to diet soon though as whatever my son leaves on his plate goes immediately into the dog's bowl to avoid temptation for me!!


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I'm finding it easy too - I think its mind over matter for me as getting slim is more important than eating at the moment and also I'm finding its a great way to learn to cope with stress in other ways rather than eating. So i'm hoping this will change my attitude to eating for the rest of my life - Ill just have to wait and see.

Anyway well done and good luck for the losses xx


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I am on LT and have stuck to it 100%since day 1. I have found it the easiest diet I have ever done.
One thing I have learnt since starting, the more often you resist temptation, the easier it gets to resist the next time.

The hard part is going to be when we start eating proper food again.:sigh:


Gone fishing
I found it the easiest and the hardest diet I had ever done. Fortunately it wasn't too hard to get over the 'hardest days' and it left me feeling stronger.

Loving this thread :)
The hard part is going to be when we start eating proper food again.:sigh:

Please please please stop telling yourself that.... yes maintaining is harder than abstaining BUT it is possible!!! The brain is an amazing organ and if you keep telling yourself you are gonna find maintaining hard then guess what... you will!!!

Try telling yourself positives about when you are finished and on the maintenance route and prepare your plan of action rather than dreading the thoughts of it.

Well done on your weight loss you have done brill so far :D:D:D

Gen xx
Good thread! I am having my first weigh in at 7.15 tonight, and have found the first week to be ok. I cant quite get my head round the fact that i feel differently (in my head) than ever before and i actually think i might have found the thing that works for me. Dont get me wrong, the temptation is strong, but i keep fighting it as im not actually hungry, i just miss food! Tonight i got home and daughter was eating hot sausage rolls fresh from the oven! Wasnt hungry but they smelt amazing lol.....but as tonight is WI, that is keeping me on the straight and narrow....fingers crossed for tonight!


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S: 13st3lb C: 12st1lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st2lb(8.65%)
You are right, Gen.

By the time I am finished with LT my willpower is going to be so strong that maintaining will be a breeze :D

I still have a couple of months to work on gaining a positive mental atitude.
You are right, Gen.

By the time I am finished with LT my willpower is going to be so strong that maintaining will be a breeze :D

I still have a couple of months to work on gaining a positive mental atitude.
Yay yay yay... I see you are in Ireland also... care to say where??

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