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Happily pro pointing!
You could talk to your llc about accelerating RTM, I am doing weeks 4 & 5 together and 6 & 7 together.
I am sure they could sort it out for you so you don't lose any more weight, like adding a few extras. It is worth asking.

like I said in the other post
day 1 mackerel
day 2 salmon
Hi YCDI, I had salmon the first day and sea bass the second. On the third day I had cottage cheese and salad leaves with a lemon, garlic and mustard dressing. I agree with Ali though, RtM is an essential part of the programme. Won't your LLC help you out by adapting it for you? If you really don't want to do it, get the book 'You Can Be Thin', by Marissa Peer. It's amazing and I highly recommend it.


Happily pro pointing!
no, bread is weeks away.

This is what you are allowed on week one.

day 1 & 2 choose one portion of protien from this list and you are allowed 1 meal per day

Chicken, skinless
Cottage cheese, plain (choose the
lowest fat options)
Egg whites, hard-boiled
Fish, any: fresh, frozen or canned (in water
or brine)
Quorn, plain
Shellfish, any
Tofu, plain, any
Turkey, skinless

nothing else

from day 3 you are allowed to add

Cabbage, any
Cress, any
Lettuce, any
Salad leaves, any

Chilli sauce
Herbal and fruit teas, sugar-free
Herbs, any dried, fresh, frozen or bottled (oil-free)
Lemon juice
Lime juice
Milk, skimmed, for tea and coffee
Salad dressing – fat-free or virtually fat-free
Salt and pepper
Soy sauce
Spices, any dried, fresh, frozen or bottled (oil-free)
Sweetener, powdered, for tea and coffee
Tabasco sauce
Vinegar, any
Worcester sauce

One meal per day

You really should speak to your LLC about this

Deb G

Silver Member
Bread is the LAST thing you want at the start of RTM! I'd really recommend doing RTM with a LLC so you make sure you DON'T pile weight back on. Even if you accelerate it like Alibongo is! Remember you WILL put about 7 lbs back on when your glycogen stores fill back up - that's why I don't mind being underweight now, because I know by the end of RTM I will be back at 9st where I started from.
Hi Youcandoit

My LLC gave me a booklet called 'Relaunch Management' which is a condensed version of the RtM plan. There are 10 steps to it and it can be done over as little as 10 days, or you can repeat each step a number of times to introduce the food more gradually. It's supposed to be used after a short period of abstinence, rather than after the Foundation / Development, but if you're not doing the full RtM, then it might be better than just doing your own thing?

Let me know if you're interested and I'll try and post the basics on here.
Hi Monkey, just reading your post in which you were mentioning "Relaunch To Management" i've been back on development for last 4 wks to get me back to the weight i first achieved [ didn't do m/ment hence weight gain ] i really like the idea of the shorter version do have any info you can let me have? Hope you don't mind me asking? Janey B. XX
Hiya, no probs. Sorry only just seen your message!

The 10-day relaunch plan is as follows -

Day 1:
3 foodpacks + 1 meal + 2-3 litres of water
Foods - lean protein, including chicken, fish and veggie alternatives, variety of vegs, skimmed milk

Day 2:
3 foodpacks + 1 meal + snacks + 2-3 litres of water
Foods - add fruit, low fat dairy products

Day 3:
3 foodpacks + 1 meal + 2-3 litres of water
Foods - add increased range of protein, including pulses, beans, peas and lentils

Day 4:
3 foodpacks + 2 meals + 2 litres of water
Foods - add nuts and seeds

Day 5:
3 foodpacks + 2 meals + snacks + 2 litres of water
Foods - add at 1 meal - starchy veg e.g. potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, plantain and pulses

Day 6:
2 foodpacks + 3 meals +snacks + 6-8 glasses of water
Foods - add a greater choice of starchy foods e.g. rice, pasta, couscous, breakfast cereals, breads (total 2 servings)

Day 7:
1 foodpack + 3 meals + snacks + 6-8 glasses of water
Foods - starchy foods, as above (4 servings)

Day 8:
1 foodpack + 3 meals + snacks + 6-8 glasses of water
Food - starchy foods, as above (5-6 servings)

Day 9:
1 foodpack + 3 meals + snacks + 6-8 glasses of water
Food - add hard cheeses (optional)

Day 10:
1 foodpack + 3 meals + snacks + 6-8 glasses of water
Foods - add snack foods (optional), alcohol (optional)

To use as a 20-day plan, spend 2 days on each of the 10 steps, etc.

For the 10 days, you would need 21 foodpacks.

You're also supposed use your food / mood diary every day and set yourself some new goals before you start and write yourself a letter describing your aims and motivations for re-introducing food and achieving your long-term weight-management goals.

Best wishes
Monkey x
Thank you Monkey, asked my LLC about this way last week but as she has just finished her training and opened her first classes she didn't have any booklets about it, she did say she would enquire for me so your info is brill incase she's not managed!! She did say that she thought it sounded really good and that as long as your reintroducing the foods in correct way it will be ok.
Can i ask? Did you do it this way? Did it work ok for you? Thanks again Monkey,
Janey B. XX
Hi Janey

Er....no...not actually done it yet....Been far too busy eating for england!! :eek:

I've been kidding myself that I can get away with eating badly because I've been doing lots of exercise - weighed myself this morning and safe to say that I am no longer in denial!

I'm really trying to get back on track from today, but I'm not planning on doing abstainence at the moment.

Monkey x
Sorry didn't mean to press the button, as i was saying thanks again for all your help and info and good luck on getting yourself back on track.
Janey B. xx

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