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First date?

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OMG, I'm so excited and nervous at the same time!!:bliss:

I'm meeting up tomorrow with a guy who I've known for a few years but recently we have been getting closer. We're going on a night out with friends, but the two of us are going out for food first! Yes, I've liked him for ages, but hadn't allowed myself to "go there" due to confidence issues. My recent weight loss has allowed me to lower the barriers a little and given me a little bit (just a bit!) of confidence. :D

I haven't a clue what to wear! :confused: Or where we're going for food! I'm not even sure if this is an "official" date, but a friend thinks it is and that I should make a big effort style-wise. I would usually be quite happy going out in jeans and a t-shirt! What do I do? Trousers and a nice top? Or a dress? OMG! I don't do dresses! And then that would mean wearing heels! I can't walk in them!!! Flippin'eck! There are too many decisions to make!!!

I'm going to have to go shopping tomorrow!!!

It's a very very long time since I went on a first date, anyone got any tips please? :gen147:
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I will succeed!!!
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Yay for dates!!! They're so much fun but very scary at the same time!

I'd suggest staying in your comfort zone as you want to be you and enjoy it. I see no point in 'changing' yourself for a date - they like you enough to take you out so they like you enough for you to be yourself.

I'd go for some dressy jeans (darker blue incase it is fancy place), some LOW heels (maybe some dressy sandals) and a nice top. Get something together you feel comfortable and confident in. You can guzz anything up with nice accessories too :)

Don't get stressed too much - you need to enjoy it! Good luck and keep us posted :) x


is getting better at it
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maybe go for the trousers and nice to then your covered, nice and smart but not overdressed

which ever you choose have a fantastic time


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Wow - I am excited for you! I agree with Sticky go for smart casual and make sure that you are comfortable.

Take deep breaths relax enjoy youself.

You were fabby enough for him to ask you out in the first place so you must believe that you are atractive witty and fun to be with.

Have fun and keep us posted!
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Hooray!!! Stick to glitzed up version of normal clothes: Jeans and a fancier top.

Good luck. Let us know how you get on.x


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:cupid: Have a great time....i agree with some nice jeans, low heels and a pretty top....and some nice sparkly dangly earings (love em)


I have my mojo
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Oh wow, a date, what is that? :p lol

Soooo, excited for you chick! I echo what they have all said above. You will have to let us know how things go :D :D

K xx
good for u girl...

i havent been on a date for 5 years....enough bout me

i agree stay in ur comfort zone and wear jeans and a smart top,just be urself...he liked u enough to ask u in the first place ...... go and enjoy xxxx


Slow but sure....
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Gosh it's been donkey's years since my first date, no matter what you wear you will look lovely, the smile on you face will be enough to bowl him over, have a wonderful time, and let us know how you enjoyed your date, best wishes and have a great time.
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Aw bless your heart, thats such a nice post Vodkamonster!

Just be yourself and wear what ever you are comfortable in. The jeans, nice top and spangly accessorises sound like a plan.

Have fun!!!!!
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Thanks guys! I've got butterflies :silly: but trying not to let myself get too excited cos I'm still not sure if this is like a date or as friends, so will just have to see what happens. Either way, it will be a good night out! :D

You're right, if I feel comfortable then I'll be more at ease. Gonna hit the shops tomorrow for a new top, and maybe some new jeans too! Why not! :p



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Have a great time Vodkamonster


Bring it on!
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Jeans and a nice top will be great i'd say, it'll strike the balance between date and not date so you can feel comfy either way. Don't be nervous, i fell of the kerb on a first date and my date had to catch me...3 and half years later we're married have 2 kids and a house so you never know what might happen. Enjoy it whatever the outcome :)


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Come on VM! How did it go? What did you wear? Did he come up to expectations?
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Hope your date went really well. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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