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First Day....and a question! :-)

Hi guys

Started today, had a choc shake this morning and it was ok, tasted a bit like a cheap protein shake, (much prefer the Cambridge ones) not too bothered though, I'm not doing the diet to tickle my taste buds!

Had a Choc orange bar for brunch, which was ok but had a bit of an after taste, but bearable, I look forward to trying the other one tomorrow!

Had a nice little chicken salad for lunch, which brings me to my question, what is the situation with sweetcorn?

Are we allowed it?



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Such a shame, it makes salad interesting and I quite like it!

Thanks for the swift response! :)


Sweetcorn is a big NO! Really high in carbs, so are tomatoes I'm afraid! Peppers are fine though and add flavour. I mix a bit of Tabasco with balsamic to give a bit of a spicy kick!

The choc shake is nicer with an espresso in it! The raisin and nut bar is far nicer but the aftertaste in the orange one makes me feel sick so stops me eating.

Good luck! Day 2 re-start for me after a wee blip!
But cherry tomatoes are fine?


I don't think so! I'll check my W8 AAM list when I get home and let you know. My neighbour gave me her list if 'allowed' food to keep you in KT on AAM. I pretty much go by those guidelines. I posted them here about a month ago, I'm replying on my phone just now so can't find them.
Found them!!

The correct way to use the following to make up ONE meal per day everyday for 1 week for AAM week or everyday if not doing TS. It is NOT a list of items you can eat throughout the day.

3oz of the following:
skinless chicken breast (= not even a full one)
Lean ham, pork or Bacon - all visable fat removed!!
Plain Cottage cheese (low fat)
oily fish salmon/mackerel/sardines
lean mince (chicken, turkey or pork only)
1 medium egg - boiled or poached (not fried)
white fish/cod/shellfish/prawns/tuna(fresh/tinned in brine or water)

Unimited (at that meal)

Broccoli, chicory, bamboo shoots, lettuce, spinich, asparagus, courgettes, fresh garlic, Balsamic Vinegar, alfalfa sprouts, rasishes, cauliflower, watercress, celery, fennel, marrow, herbs, tabasco, peppers, cucumber, leeks, rocket, cabbage, pakchoi, mushrooms, spices, salt and pepper.

Stay away from tomatoes, sweetcorn and onions - high carb!!

I use a 1/2 pack to make sauce - e.g. thai to make a stirfry and serve it with mashed cauliflower

By sticking to the above you will remain in ketosis and it shouldn't affect your weightloss too much!

Good luck and I hope this helps!
Interesting. It also has honey and carrots. Im assuming that one must be for people doing the simple solution as they wouldnt be relying on ketosis.
It's for the working solution, as the meal is 300-400cal.

So what do I do? Lol!!!


Its entirely up to you to be honest. Eating those type of things will keep you out of ketosis but since your on WS chances are you wouldnt be overly hungry anyway and you will lose weight from the calorie deficit so its just a case of what you prefer really.
Sorry, I didn't realise you are doing WS! I would go by what Exante are saying then. The food list I posted is to keep you in ketosis and under 1000 kcal.

Sorry I confused you! I would email Exante re your sweetcorn question.

Good luck
Don't apologise, I didn't make it clear! Thanks for your help :)


Deepak, Ive been really confused too! Like you, Im doing the working solution but think Ive got the hang of it now (its only day 3 for me) On WS you dont need to be in ketosis, we just got to make sure we only have up to 400 calories plus three of the packs, we can have whatever food we want as long as it doesnt go over 400cals.x
Thanks Lozoo! Nice to see somebody else is on the same boat! Today is day 2 for me

Deepak x
How did u get on today? I had the banana shake, thai soup and choc orange bar. Im having chicken, bit of spaghetti and philadelphia light for dinner. Are you trying to stick to low carb dinners? im just making sure they stay under 400cals

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