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First Day as a Dukanian!

I have just completed my first day of the Dukan diet and I've actually not found it too bad!
In fact, I've found it so easy that I'm a little concerned that I'm doing it wrong?


Breakfast: grilled chicken slices
Lunch: roast beef slices
Dinner: grilled salmon, dukan garlic prawns and a boiled egg
Snacks: 0% fat yoghurt with vanilla essence and a little sweetener
+ lots of water and coke zero!

Is that correct? I'm not hungry and the yoghurt was delicious!

I'm hoping to see a change. I find it really difficult to lose weight despite regular exercise.

I'll post more as I go along

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I've also just completed my first day and found it surprisingly easy :)
Menu looks good but I'm no expert, only thing I can see missing is 1.5tbsp Oatbran, I had mine stirred into yogurt this morning.

Good luck for tomorrow

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** Chief WITCH **
These "slices"... I presume we're talking the prepackaged industrial synthetic square wet salty stuff?! (Have I put you off yet?!). OK it's allowed but hopefully you'll reacquaint yourself with your kitchen and your stove and make some nice foods for yourself soon if you hope to avoid the inevitable boredom which will soon hit with your sort of a menu. Your dinner's good.

As Diamond so rightly says - where's your oatbran? It's necessary! As for simply stirring it into a yoghurt, hopefully she too will soon get baking as oatbran is the one "treat food" we have and it's so versatile and we bake muffins/bread/cakes all sorts with it... read our recipe section.

Meanwhile, get menu preparing!
haha thanks Joanne, I'm a little more prepared today!
I am just making breakfast, poached egg with salmon.
I have some leftover salmon from last night for lunch and I am planning (dukan) chicken tikka with yoghurt and a gallette for dinner.
I'm a very keen baker so very much looking forward to using my oatbran when I get the chance!
Anything you would recommend? I've seen various recipes for cookies etc...


** Chief WITCH **
I'm a smoked salmon muffin girl for breakfast :D (bottom of p.1 of the recipe thread.) I bake 12 at a time (4 days' worth of Cruise ratio of oatbran) and they can be frozen...
you really cant beat smoked salmon and poached egg!
I made some cookies, cheese cake AND jelly sweets today! (preparing ahead, just in case)
It was really fun and they're all delicious (I've yet to try the cookies as I am having a gallette this evening!)
Also, quick question!
When it says you are allowed 2 eggs a day is that including the eggs in the gallette or not?
I only had one egg this morning just in case...


** Chief WITCH **
Normally yes, but most of us exceed it - particularly at the beginning. You can easily "lose" some egg yolks when baking without noticing.