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First day of the rest of my life come n join me


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Hi guys so I restarted last week had 4 really good days followed by 3 days of
Binging it was ridiculous n I got to stop

Today is a fresh start I need to lose at least 1 stone and I will do it I'd like to do it before my hols first 2 weeks in august but if I lose half a stone by then i'l be hoot as long as it's constant and sustainable

I think my main prob last week was allowing myself to get too hungry in the day by having an ok breakfast no snacks and too little for lunch so by tone I got home I couldn't wait for dinner n didn't I've my sw friendly food prepared so reached for anything I could find!

So I want today to be different I'm hungry already so about to have breakfast but what bout lunch?? Hmm perhaps i'l take a part cooked jacket potatoe to work with beans that seems a bit heavy though hmmm where's the balance! I was trying to stick to red days only but think I need green too! I don't wanna do ee as I like my hexb too much!

Gonna up the exercise as of today too

Anybody been struggling or not fully committed feel free to join me for a fresh start starting right now!! We can and we will lose this weight!!!!
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count me in !! After losing 1st 4lbs , i decided things were moving far to slowly , this coupled with hubby being made redundant made slimming world impossible:cry:so I am restarting today with a positive can do attitude ........ count me in :D
Me please! I enthusiastically started a diary a couple of weeks ago but I lost the plot and it fizzled out. I'm re-committing to SW today, planning a weeks menu and doing an online shop. I will also start the diary again. Need to lose 3 stone, grrr!! Xxx
Totally with you on it!
I'm so upset this morning, back to where I started plus some!

Been kidding myself that iv been following the plan, but not really counting syns. New week fresh start, my plan is drink plenty water, be as active as I can, up the veg intake and be ruthless with the syns.

Good luck, it can be done!
X x x
yep i totally agree , been so slack on my syns having a lovely vegatable curry tonight and have plenty of strawberrys and rasberrys to snack on good luck everyone we can do this :D
I'm in too! I've been so demotivated the past week and a half, I've been poorly, had 2 star weeks in 3 weeks (stupid pill) and stopped smoking again so i've really struggled and like you I've not eaten proper lunches for ages then just pick at rubbish then I can't stop.

I'm going to up my water and body magic and try drinking green tea instead of white coffee so I can use my HEA for cheese instead of milk, I'm also going to eat at least 5 speed foods a day, make my lunches the night before when I make hubbys pack up and make some super speed soup. Hopefully all this will get me my next shiney next week! I need it to get my mojo back.

Good luck everyone xx
Me too! what you wrote is exactly how i am feeling at the moment. I have just over a stone to lose and i am finding it hard to stick to plan - i had family staying with me this weekend so sw went straight out the window!!!

Last night i decided today was the day i was getting back on it properly. I am going to Alton Towers next month and we are going to the splash park so i don't want to be scarring small children when i get my swinsuit on!!! xx


One day at a time, one step at a time
I truely find always have a full glass of water nearby, melon, strawberries, kiwis etc in the fridge, hard boiled eggs, crab sticks are my saviour. I have had the odd binge day lately but am totally focused since stocking on up filling but no syn snacks. I am also careful what I have for my three meals a day thinking of things I find filling like jacket potato, pasta, oats so simple or weetabix for breakfast, rice etc.
Im the same. Had about a month of barely following the plan, just lost all motivation and focus and havent been paying attention to what I have been putting in my mouth. I had lost 2 stone but have put about 5lbs back on :cry:

I am joining you though with new found determination to really try and do my best - no excuses. Still have the odd treat but try to stick to syns where possible :D


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Oh so many of us!! Look well so far so good just about bit if a struggle n I stuffed up with lunch again n binged when I got home but on sw friendly stuff still a cycle I need to break though!!!

I'm so tired and my back is really hurting it seems like an excuse but doubt the exercise DVD will be coming out today! I gins it had to even tell if I'm making excuses or not lol! But if I stick 100 % this week and at least do the DVD twice plus my 1 hour per day walk then that's pogress right!

So think I'm gonna put little one to bed at 8 n make butternut squash curry n lots of it n use for tomorrows lunch and probably every day Pmsl

Am I rambling sorry im too tired!


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I tried once on the wii ouch!!! But on a serious note I want to find a local class on a Friday (daughters at nannys that day) evening n start either yoga or pilates think it would help my back it causes me no end of pain I really dint know how I carried around so much weight before seeing as it's so bad now!
So glad I'm not the only one that has been struggling lately. We can do it! We're all still on here and at least trying, thats got to be a good thing right? If we give up all together who knows where we'll be weight wise in 6 months.

I've found my motivation again after 1lb loss tonight.

Good luck everyone x
This thread has made me feel so much better I couldnt even be bothered to go to wi tonight, glad Im not the only one, think it would be great to motivate each other


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I've had a couple of weeks off sw. I've found it really hard to get my head around the plan and to arrange if its a ee, red or green day.

I'm also glad I'm not the only one who's struggling! I have a lot to loose and it feels like such a long way away!!

But yesterday something clicked - I'm almost certain this site has made it happen! - and I've had 2 100% days now. I'm starting to enjoy the plan - finally!!!

I've put some pics on here to motivate me and have a food diary to help me keep on plan
Good luck to everyone, we can do this :) xx


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Pleased the thread has pulled us strugglers and restarters together!

I've got through today by the skin of my teeth! I mean not cheated but everythings been so unplanned n I know the only reason I didn't slip up at some points is because I didn't have the naughty stuff in the house! By the time I went sainsburys I had pulled myself back together and came out with rabbit food and water as planned :)

I can't believe my back is killing so bad!! I'm on fire with deep heat (hope it sweats some fat off Pmsl) I did want to get going with some exercise as when I diet it helps me exercise and vice versa! It's just getting the motivation in the first place..... Now I'm mentally motivated my back goes! Lol clearly not meant to be!

Anyways I stayed up late cooking a lush butternut squash curry that will be lunch tomorrow and dinner for the family.... My OH thought it smelled yum until he discovered there's no meat in it lol his not impressed! Think it will become a chicken and butternut squash curry tomorrow!

Anyway I'm feeling pleased i got through today without falling off the wagon and doubly pleases that I have a much clearer food plan for tomorrow!!

Well done everybody that got through today 100% we r one day closer to being skinny and day further from old selves !!!
Well done on your 1lb loss :clap: Im due to weigh in on monday and im now feeling really positive knowing im not the only one who struggles sometimes!!!

we can do this a pound at a time :grouphugg:


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Morning guys! So I wad recently a bug size 12 got up this morning put on a size 14 linen trousers n they r tight! WTF! I'm not gonna let it get me down but it does just instill that this time it's coming off n it's coming off now...... O n btw that means I've literally only got two pairs of trousers to my name!

Do this us the second day if the rest of my life :) onwards n upwards..... Downwards for the scales ofc!
I had WI last night and put on 1.5lbs :booboo: I knew it was going to happen though as I have not been focused at all and have been eating anything in sight :eat:

But I am now determined to get back to at least my 2st award by the end of the month - 5 lbs to go and I am sure I can do it by sticking to plan and increasing my exercise :whacky068:


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Dust yourself off n hop back onto the wagon of flab loss! Lol

If I see another bowl of butternut squash curry I'm gonna scream! But all in track for a second day! A bit hit n miss at some points but mire prepared than yesterday n will get better at this as each day passes

I had a green day today I still find it hard to believe i'l lose while eating carbs after being on a vlcd but I just need to trust in the diet!

Everybody else still on the wagon??

Oh got a question....... Sugar free squash is free right??? So can I make ice pillows n they'll be free too then?


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I have just fallen off the wagon and ate too many rolo's. It's been a rubbish day and I miss my family and friends. I've brushed my teeth!! Lol
Yes I believe sugar free juice is syn free. I couldn't live without my robinsons no added sugar!!

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