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First day on cambridge

So today i started my cambridge diet on step 3. im allocated 1000 calories a day and have shakes and soups for the earlier part of the day.

i have no idea how much weight im going to lose on this but after gaining weight again and again im determined to get this started. i have to lose weight for me... as we all know it can really get you down.

ive tried WW and SW but i lose interest. This diet i know will be difficult to begin with but after time and once i see results it will be nice to finally be slimming down again.

How had everyone else found the Cambridge diet. as im new to it id love to hear some top tips and everything. If anyone needs a buddy to diet with id be happy with that.

All the best fellow dieters :)

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Welcome Andy! I'm also a newbie. This is my second week of doing SS+ and it's getting a tiny weeny bit easier as I'm in ketosis now. I'm always fight with myself to not give in to temptations though!

I'm not familiar with Step 3 - is this is also based in getting into ketosis?
No step 3 doesnt involve ketosis but instead allowing me 1000 cals to get me through the day while having the shake and a soup for breakfast and lunch. I am on the fourth day now and im finding it alot easier but now and then my hunger pangs return. My weigh in is on thursday so im looking forward to seeing how much i will lose. a freind of mine was on it and only lost 3 pounds the first week so she gave up.
I have no idea how much i will lose but im hoping its between the 4-5 pound mark. I did however go over my cal intake a tiny bit yesterday but im sure that by having a lil less today it might be okay.

How is everyone else getting on?? :)

Andy xx


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Hi andy welcome and good luck.
I am starting cd again today as I did start last week but due to a bad start with me getting poorly and then having to change CDC as mine was well useless..
I will be starting on step 2 due to my bmi. But I would love to be a buddy and we can help each other along :).
Hey aww thats really sweet. Yeah starting again is tough but once you get the hang of it you will be fine. I need to lose 45 pounds until im happy i just dont know how long thats going to be. the amount of times this week ive just wanted to pick up a nice choc bar or something. 1000 cals a day seems to be enough as in the evenings i drink more then i used to which is helping me fight back going tot he shop and buying food.
Id love to be buddys with you, im dieting on my own atm and various family members are doing cambridge so its def a bit tough to get an idea of what to eat and stuff.
Lets buddy up and get that weight off! :)
The best of luck with your weight losses. As long as I lose at least 1lb in a week I count that as a success. On 1000 cal a day the most I would lose would be 2lb so I would be extremely chuffed with 3 lb. I'm doing vlcd at the moment and that is shifting the weight faster - but it is tough as I am hungry all of the time. Ketosis does not seem to stop my hunger pangs like others have reported. Still it will be worth it when I FINALLY reach goal!


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Hi andy I work in a sweet factory lol. Which well was hard at first but now it doesn't bother me as to be honest you get sick of the site of them, I have got about 85lb to lose to be happy but taking each lb at a time Maybe we should swap email address too and we can keep in touch via email too. We will fight this and come out at the end achieving our dreams.


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Hi lass 321. I really hope the hunger sorts out soon. Which step are you on?
Hi lass 321. I really hope the hunger sorts out soon. Which step are you on?
Hi I'm actually doing All About W8 at the minute. Have done it before and had good losses so I'm sticking with it. Although I was in ketosis and drank my water religiously I never got the reduced appetite that others report. Last time I was hungry for 4 months (other than during the add a meal week) but I lost 3 stone. Unfortunately life got in the way and I put back on 1 and a half stone. I want to lose about 4 stone to get to goal so hopefully that will be January or February 2012.
Haha that sounds brilliant. i know what you mean about the sweet temptations.. i work at shakeaway which is a milkshake shop, i am surrounded by cadburys and nestle all day long! but still i sip the water out of the cups and pretend its a tasty shake haha

Even if we lose 1 pound it is still a loss rather than a gain and we should all be happy with that... although ill let you know how i feel about those words when my first week weigh in comes in.

One thing i am unsure about with the 1000 cal a day. are we allowed to drink ' no added sugar' Squash. it would really help me get my water in me as water can be so boring at times. with other diets ive always counted carbs or points or whatever.. i guess as this one is a 1000 cal a day diet.. i should be thinking more on those lines.



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Hi lass321. Good luck with your losses I was the same I lost 7 stone with sw and due to illness and needing a op my weight came back on and I am looking to loose about 6 stone. But will take stone at a time,, We will do this xxx

Hiya andy. Don't think we are allowed the squash. But could be wrong for your step. But my CDC said no to me and I actually buy juice from her. Well more like a water flavouring. It takes the blandness from the water.
Mmm milkshake shop I would be drooling at the mouth lol. Good on ya for drinking the water I am getting weighed on Thursday won't be a full week but it because I couldn't start today as needed the dr form back and signed. Did you say you was athurs weigh in too? Will be fab as we buddies and share same weigh day.
haha yeah my weigh in is on thursday evening. Im not sure if its a definite every week thing as it would o fbeen 10 days sicne i started when i get weighed. Ill try and arrange it so i have every thurs with her and then it will make thurs weigh in even more exciting for us both. ill drop my email address into your inbox :) x
oh wait... i need 50 posts before i can private message you :) yeah the milkshakes are well nice. ive been working there a year and with a terrys orange choc one bought almost everyday. i am in hell seeing it pur down into someone elses cup.. but they are the ones drinking the pure fat.. not me :)


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Hiya andy. Not sure if you can inbox me yet asyoungot hit 50 post. Let me know you got it then will remove of here :). I just had a fruits of the forest shake. Mmmm. In a make my mind up mood. Do I like it or not lol
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Vulcanwolf said:
oh wait... i need 50 posts before i can private message you :) yeah the milkshakes are well nice. ive been working there a year and with a terrys orange choc one bought almost everyday. i am in hell seeing it pur down into someone elses cup.. but they are the ones drinking the pure fat.. not me :)
Well said andy. When you are slim and they still coming in for the shakes and looking podgy. You can at smile
haha indeed! i am looking forward to that day. where i am quite tall i dont look overweight but i just feel it in myself as my arms are quite skinny i remember having a flat chest and stomach. Within time and a new relationship later the weight is creeping on. :( I cant access your email address atm as i am on a computer that has high security but within the next 30 mins ill have it and will let you know :)


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That day will come andy. We will DO this ok no worries regards email. X

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