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First day on CD


a new way of living!


Must do it this time
welcome to cd and good luck
Hey, i hope your first day on CD went well. You have had an amazing loss on LT so far, i'm sure you'll have much success with CD. Welcome to the diet and let us know how you get on :) xx

ps, you look very glamorous in your avatar pic xx


a new way of living!
thanks :) It was taken about ten years ago, I am about the same weight now, maybe half stone heavier now, but i'm afraid the wrinkles have set in now :eek:

loving the porridge! and tea with milk!!


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if you want to do something like cd hon then you have to commit yourself to at least three days to get yourself into ketosis. they are a pants three days it has to be said!! but well worth it!!

abz xx
I think that is where I have been going wrong!!
I haven't given myself chance to get into ketosis so no wonder I have been really hungry. I always seem to give in on the third night and after reading a lot of the posts on here that is when you will feel at your worst. I still have some LT so not sure to continue with that or have a totally fresh start and begin CD?


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you could arrange to meet with a cdc and use your lt on the run up to it so the move to cd would be easier?

it's up to you hon. but do give it at least that much time. personally it took me about a week to get totally into the swing of ketosis but it's different for everyone. after ketosis kicks in properly you'll feel great. you just have to keep on pushing :)

abz xx


a new way of living!
hate to be the voice of doom but it took closer to ten days for me. I was in ketosis but i felt rough for ten days. You have to stick at it and be disciplined. You can do it!
Thanks for your advice, whether it is LT or CD, I will be starting in the morning. The CD councellor said she would ring me back later this evening and go through it with me and have a good chat so I am looking forward to that. Just wanted to ask which you prefered, LT or CD? and do the shakes and soup taste better on CD? because the soup on LT was disgusting!!!!
Just feel really tired all the time, falling asleep on the sofa once I have put the girls to bed 'cos I'm so knackered after playing and amusing them. I am a student nurse as well and I am out on placement at the moment which means I am working 38 hours plus doing a part time job, my studies and trying to run a home so I suppose I do have a lot of demands on my time - still, it's no excuse to be over 25 stone. Just need to make more time to start looking after myself properly!!
Good luck yasmine-samara, set your mind to it, and take it a step at a time. Set small achieveable targets and you will get your reward.
I'm on CD - and love most of the products! I use a hand blender to mix the shakes, I add ice and crush it to the sweet ones. Tetras
frozen, and taken out of freezer a couple of hours before you eat them are great, and I usually have these as a treat at the weekend.

Go for it - just think in one month's time you'll be a stone lighter - how fab is that.

Come on this site when you're feeling bad and definitely come on here instead of the kitchen when the going gets tough.