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This is my first day on Cambridge, i have done lighterlife since the end of January and have lost 7 stone 3lb in total, I have spent many weeks debating wether to change onto Cambridge or stay as I am then i took the leap and started it today.

Still unsure as to what not to have and what i can,, ie drinks wise, but i will get there. No doubt i will be asking you all lots of questions,

Still got another 5 stone to lose so i have to stay focused.
Hi Mandy - so lovely to see you here, hun!
You've done so very, very well - the next 5 stone will fall off ya! And you will love CD! The flavours are lush and it's pretty much the same rules drinks-wise as LL, so you won't go far wrong.

Hi Isobel

Thanks hun, what is it still black tea, black coffee, you can drink, yes had a banna bliss for breakfast, was lovely.... went down real easy!!!
if you look in the newcomers forum, Pierce has written a information post about how to get one, hun. I'd tell you myself but i can't remember lol
Hiya Mandy - and well done on doing so well on LL. You'll SO enjoy CD that the last 5 stone will be a doddle!

Keep asking those questions and someone will always be around to give you any support you need to keep you on the straight-and-getting-narrower :D

Sharon xxx
Hi Sharon

My stomach is really bad today, i know it is playing tricks on me..... but i am going to ignore it, just had my delicous Velvet Bliss (have to say not as nice as bannana one)

Yes I am getting excited doing this one and trying all the new flavours,
Hi Mandy,
Have a friend who's considering switching from LL to Cd - I've been on CD since Jan 20th and am pretty happy on it. There are so many more flavours to choose from and I think it is a positive transition in terms of taking control of the next phase, look forward to seeing your success grow (great weight loss by the way!!!)
Louise x
Thanks Louise, I believe it was the best thing i did, changing, so many more flavours to choose from and much more adaptable to a daily routine... I did struggle with the idea but only because i was concerned that i wouldn't lose.. have to say my cdc didn't explain it very much but as isobel said it is pretty much the same as LL...
Hi everyone,
I gave in last night my stomach hurt so much ended up having half chinese with hubby.. was so annoyed with myself afterwards...
So Trying real hard today to stick with it, but my stomach hurts so much and the water isn't helping, any ideas guys......
I know it is my body going back into ketosis but this is worse than the first time...
Here are my top tips:

Firstly make sure you are getting enough water it makes you feel fuller and helps with the weight loss too.

Second, expect the first 3-4 days to be the worst and commit to sticking it out for at least 5 days no matter what happens.

Thirdly make sure those around you are supporting you. My hubby won't let me cheat and would give me a lecture and remind me that it is my choice and exactly why I wanted to do this. So tell your nearest and dearest what you expect from them.

Forthly, get a plan together now. When are you most likely to be tempted? Mine was after my daughter went to bed so I swapped bath time to then, another lady in my group uses that time to call her friends. What will tempt you the most? Make sure it doesn't enter the house until you are in the swing of this.

Fithly, keep a diary to record all your thoughts and feelings. If you are an emotional eater then this will be a great tool for you to learn from and look back on when you need a bit of motivation so you can gloat at just how far you have come :D

Doing a very low calorie diet is great because in just 3 weeks you will acheive massive losses to motivate you to go further.
Hiya, You can do this Mandy, just hang in there. Have you got any fizzy water to break the monotony? Get stuck into something to distract you too - you know that as soon as your back in Ketosis you'll be fine - you can do it!!!

Louise x