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Step2 810kcal First day on diet

Discussion in 'CD Weight Loss Diaries' started by abby, 24 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. abby

    abby Well-Known Member

    It's my first day in this diet I'm on step 2. I'm 5 foot 6 and 11 stone. Would love to get down to 9 stone again so hopefully this will work for me x
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  3. bigfatjelly

    bigfatjelly Well-Known Member

    Good luck abby :)
    Jemma x
  4. abby

    abby Well-Known Member

    Thank you, I my tried shakes so far which are nice. How does everyone do their soups? U can't boil the water so do you just add hot water from a tap?
  5. avs1

    avs1 Member

    Hi Abby...good luck...ive been on step 2 for 5 days now...and its not bad at all!...once you get over the day 3 hunger issues you should be fine?...Ive been looking around for the best stuff to cook/eat etc as the high protein meal and find that chicken breast with 25ml of morrisons piri piri sauce (1cal p/25ml , 0 sugar , 0 carb) , and some pepper is good with some broccoli and carrots , being bigger than you I've been told to eat more protein so have chucked in a mini egg white omelette...fish is also good!...

    Keep updating with your progress!...

    Hope it all goes well!
  6. ChristyT

    ChristyT Well-Known Member

    Hi - I have most of my shakes warm. I normally boil the kettle and pour 2 fl oz of cold water into a jug and then add 6 fl oz of boiled water in - I then add the powder and whizz up with a hand blender. It works perfectly every time, no lumps, and I am fine so can't see it's killed off any nutrients as I've been doing it for 7 months.

    Good luck - this is a great plan to follow!! x
  7. abby

    abby Well-Known Member

    Cheers I'm absolutely starving and craving Ames and sweets already but I've been good and stuck to it. I've had my 2 shakes and soup and I've cooked a mini omelette with 2 eggs and mushrooms for later but really could do with some other recipes for my later meal. I'm so hungry right bow
  8. abby

    abby Well-Known Member

    Have you had your weigh in yet? I havnt tried shakes warm yet x
  9. ChristyT

    ChristyT Well-Known Member

    I've been doing Stage 2 since July and lost loads. It's hard at first but u will soon get used to it - I had a 2 egg mushroom omelette last night it's one of my regulars.

    I have cod a lot with lemon or lime juice squeezed over with a salad of lettuce, spring onion, cucumber, radish and celery and pour over balsamic vinegar as a dressing.

    Another regular is chicken breast sprinkled with Cajun seasoning and I make celeriac chips and bake in oven using one cal spray.

    I have loads of recipes up my sleeve. Fresh herbs and spices r great for adding flavour. Don't listen to anyone who tells u u can't have lemon - it's absolute rubbish. I've been using it from the start and I've lost 80lbs xx
  10. abby

    abby Well-Known Member

    My consultant told me I'm literally allowed the small portion of the protein rich food and a tiny bit of the veg which she described as about 2 small bits of brockolly. I've just made an omelette for tomorrow with mushrooms cabbage and brockolly in it and chilli powder but it's not file me up lol, I'm so hungry
  11. abby

    abby Well-Known Member

    And wow 80lb that's amazing x
  12. ChristyT

    ChristyT Well-Known Member

    Shall I be honest - I have ignored the portion advice since day 6 I think. I will take a photo of my tea tonight and post it here so u can see what I eat. I don't tell my CDC wot i do and she doesn't ask. Tonight I am having salmon but only because I've got my TOTM and I seem to crave it during it. I normally lose 4lbs a week, I'm not perfect I mess up occasionally but it's what u do over the long term that matters xxx
  13. abby

    abby Well-Known Member

    I just want to lose a stone fast then maybe ill start adding little bit more to portions.ill see how this week goes but I'm very hungry at the moment. I was on herbalife before and I lost 5lb in first week and I was allowed 2 shakes a day and whatever I wanted for dinner and I could snack in between so this is alot harder
  14. ChristyT

    ChristyT Well-Known Member

    U will lost that really quick - I lost a stone in 2 weeks when I started; 9lbs in week 1 and 5lbs in week 2.

    Mushroom omelette is amazing I use 2 eggs and 2 chestnut mushrooms. Skinned and bones thighs with hot and spicy seasoning and broccoli is another meal I have once a week.

    If in doubt weigh u'r veg - and use electronic scales as they're more accurate. The chicken and celeriac chips are yummy and easy and do make u think u'r eating carbs. DO NOT EAT CARROTS, they r high carbohydrate!!! xx
  15. abby

    abby Well-Known Member

    I'm not a massive meat eater and if I do eat it it has to be wet like with gravy or something. I've made an omelette with cabbage brockolly and mushrooms for Tomoz as I'm in work till 8.30 ill take it with me. Need to get some scales as I havnt got any so I've been guessing
  16. avs1

    avs1 Member

    hey...weigh in is tuesday!...i have shakes cold!...best way!x
  17. suziepap

    suziepap Well-Known Member

    Boos luck Abby, I've been doing CD for two wks and I have lost 1 st. The 1st week is so tough but it does get easier :)
  18. Kimboowee

    Kimboowee Well-Known Member

    Good luck, you will feel hungry for a few days but it will pass :)
  19. ChristyT

    ChristyT Well-Known Member

    Just thinking out of the box a bit but u could dice up some chicken breast and stir it into one of the soups - just a thought! I've heard talk of a stock used on here too but can't remember which one is ok.

    Do u eat fish? U have huge fish and prawn allowances on this so it's a good option to help with hunger xx
  20. abby

    abby Well-Known Member

    Haven't tried them warm but I like them cold. My weigh in is Saturday an I better have a good result cus I'm daym hungry haha
  21. abby

    abby Well-Known Member

    Hope so haha I I ow it will get easier which is why I'm sticking to it :)

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