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Attack first day on dukan - questions

Hi Everyone, this is my first day on Dukan. Just wondered if anyone can advise....

are sugar free mints (SF polos) allowed on attack phase?

i've also made a tartare sauce for tonight's salmon made up of:

2 tbsps FF fromage frais
1 teaspoon wholegrain mustard
5 capers (chopped)
1/2 small gherkin(the book says i can use gherkins in attack but only as a garnish)

is that allowed?
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Just keep swimming...
Hi Curvy. Well done on getting started - it'll be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Re the sugar free polo mints, could you post the nutritional content?

Your tartare sauce looks lovely and I think it should be ok (although I'm no expert). Although, in attack especially, I would watch how often you use gherkins and mustard, as you might find they slow things down a little. Also is the fromage frais 0% fat?

Am sure someone much more knowledgeable will be along shortly!
yes, the fromage frais is 0% fat

nutritional value for sugar free polos (per 100g):

carbohydrate 99.0g
everything else is NIL or TRACE

Judging by the fact that they're all carbs I'm guessing they're banned?

incidentally just checked my allowed SF chewing gum (wrigleys extra):

carbohydrate 60g
everything else is NIL or TRACE

which is a huge drop in carbs!

So, that's a no brainer- chewing gum it is then.
Is there a limit on SF gum on attack phase? I'm using them everytime i have a sweet craving, and almost at the end of my first pack already.


Just keep swimming...
Ok absolutely NO for the polos. Far too high in carbs! What on earth have they put in them instead of sugar! Madness!

Yep, definitely swap for sugar free chewing gum instead. Not sure if there is a limit as I don't have it myself. I find it makes me hungry so I have kept off it. But bearing in mind it does still contain carbs, even although you aren't actually swallowing the gum, I would limit the number of packets you have a day.
i'm gonna try my best, (on my second packet of the day)

I think i'm gonna struggle with sweet cravings, i've already had my (cinnamon) galette for breakfast with some vanilla yoghurt and could gladly eat the other one that's in the fridge for 2moro morning (but wont)

There doesn't seem to be many ingenius recipes for sweet things or am i not looking in the right places?


** Chief WITCH **
Hello there - have you checked out our FAQ thread, which will answer any general questions you might have.

Do you have the book? There are quite a few recipes in it, and there is our recipe section on this site too.

Be verrrrrry careful with sugarless gums and sweets; they are made with sorbitol which is hard to digest, so while they may not always make you stall they will almost certainly cause roof shaking wind, bloating and, um "looseness"

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